MSPM1 GC2020 NYU US China Trade War on Apple Inc Presentation

MSPM1 GC2020

New York University


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- Identify a public company which its business results/revenue has been impacted (positively or negatively) by major events in the world, or in their specific industry, since 2019.

-Examples of “major events”-
-Events that impacted the entire world (e.g., Coronavirus)
-Events specific to industry (e.g., products that competitors launched, new competitors emerged, new regulations in the industry, company-internal challenges)
-You are hired by management to propose a Risk Management Process that will be used in the future; your goals is to convince management that if your proposed process was in place before the major events happened, then the problems they experienced could have been avoided.

detailed requirements of slides are in powerpoint 7 page 28-30

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