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CJ 455 Agency Administration Discussion Board Assignment #1 Characteristics of Good Leaders Submission Instructions: Due Date: Last day of the current learning module. Points Possible: 30 points Mode of Submission: Assignment must be submitted through the course discussion board. Instructions: Since its earliest origins, the empirical study of leadership has focused on trying to identify the factors that set good leaders apart from others. The idea is that through identifying these differences organizations will become better able to hire or promote only those individuals who possess the characteristics necessary to excel in key leadership positions. Ultimately, the underlying idea of such research is that it will help improve the overall efficacy of organizations and help facilitate the achievement of key organizational objectives. Research of this nature has tended to follow several broad trends in looking at the characteristics of leaders, the actions that leaders take, and the context in which leadership occurs. Individually, none of these different avenues of research has provided the clear and definitive understanding of leaders and leadership that researchers and organizations had hoped for. With this being said, there is little doubt that we know more about leaders today than we did several decades ago. It is also likely that we can build upon the existing base of knowledge that exists pertaining to leadership and leaders so that our understanding will only further increase in the future. For this discussion forum assignment, you will need to look at the Sashkin and Goleman readings in your “Contemporary Issues in Leadership” textbook. A number of different methods for better understanding successful leadership characteristics have been advanced by researchers. For example, Sashkin discussed behaviors associated with transformational leadership, while Goleman discusses the components of emotional intelligence. For this discussion forum assignment, you will be required to compare and contrast each of these different ideas in an attempt to improve your appreciation for the foundational aspects of leadership theory. Make sure to include an overview of the following items in the primary response that you submit to the discussion forum. What commonalities do you note between the transformational leadership behaviors that are examined and the components of emotional intelligence? Why are these similarities important to your understanding of the two concepts collectively? What differences do you note between transformational leadership behaviors and the components of emotional intelligence? Why are these differences important to you understanding of the limitations of each idea? Which of the ideas do you think is better aligned with and more accurately depicts your individual leadership style and the approach you advocate for effective leadership and why is this the case? Which is better aligned with the needs of contemporary criminal justice agencies and why is this the case? Discussion Board Requirements: #1.) You must post one primary response to the question asked above that is a minimum of 350 words in length, but can include additional as much additional information as you would like. #2.) You must reply to the posts of at least two other students. The responses to other students must be a minimum of 150 words in length, but can include additional information. #3.) A minimum of at least two academically rigorous sources must be incorporated into your primary post, one of which can be an assigned textbook. All sources must be appropriately cited following American Psychological Association (APA) style guidelines #4.) All postings must be made to the appropriate discussion board. If you are having problems understanding how to access the discussion board contact your instructor immediately. #5.) No points will be awarded for posts submitted after the identified submission deadlines and no makeup assignments will be allowed. #6.) All postings must be directly related to the discussion board topic. Please do not deviate from the designated discussion topic and limit your responses to that topic only. #7.) All postings must be appropriate. Any postings deemed inappropriate will be removed from the discussion forum resulting in the forfeiture of any points earned for the assignment. Critical responses are acceptable, but be professional and courteous when making them. #8.) All postings must be substantive and add new meaning to the information that has already been identified. Simple responses such as "great idea" or "I agree" are not sufficient and will result in significant point reduction. Grading Considerations: Primary Post: 20 points possible The primary post will be evaluated in regard to a number of factors, including but not limited to: ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Post meets minimal length requirement. Post is free of grammatical and structural errors. Post focuses on identified topic and includes all necessary information. Post includes a minimum of two appropriate external sources that are all correctly cited. Post includes a quality of writing that is expected from upper level students. Reply Posts: 5 points possible for each The reply posts will be evaluated in regard to a number of factors, including but not limited to: ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Posts meet minimal length requirement. Posts are free of grammatical and structural errors. Post provides meaningful feedback directly applicable to original post. Post includes a quality of writing that is expected from upper level students. ...
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Hello! I have completed your discussion question, but on the responce there are two requirements which one should I follow, the thre sentences rule or 150 words for each responce? Also there supposed to be two responce post but you only attached one.


Characteristics of leadership
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Characteristics of leadership
The effectiveness of an organization is determined by how it handles issues concerning
leadership, communication, internal relations, and external relations with other organizations.
Transformational leadership and emotional intelligence are the two major aspects in the
characteristics of leadership. ...

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