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Plagiarism greater than 25% will not be accepted. This is an independent activity which requires submission of a scholarly paper, according to the instructions below. The scholarly paper will be graded based on the Evaluation of Undergraduate Scholarly Paper rubric, which is included in this syllabus. Scholarly Paper: Using the PICOT process, analyze a current nursing practice-related issues. Select an issue from your NURS 412 clinical practice and write a PICOT research question. The scholarly paper should be typed, double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman using APA format, and limited to 6 pages including title and reference pages. The references cannot be older than 2018. EVALUATION OF UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARLY PAPER RUBRIC WILL BE USED. Support your position with references no older than 2018 from at least two peer reviewed journal reference articles.

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1 XII. Evaluation of Scholarly Paper Rubrics: EVALUATION OF UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARLY PAPER CRITERIA Content and Thought Value % % Earned Student_____________________ COMMENTS 60 The content of the scholarly paper is an indicator of the thought processes used by the student in the development and execution of the assignment. The indicators of these processes are: 1. Uses relevant references. 2. Addresses all components of assigned criteria. 3. Synthesizes information. 4. Applies theories and concepts. 5. Uses logical reasoning and correct inductive or deductive reasoning. Organization Structure 1. Includes purpose in introduction. 2. Paper is logically arranged with introduction, body, and summary. 3. Subsections and paragraphs reflect the main idea. 4. Transitions occur between thoughts. Literacy and Style 1. Uses professional vocabulary. 2. Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. 3. Maintains economy of expression. 15 15 Disclaimer: The syllabus is subject to content modification as necessary to facilitate the best learning experience 2 APA 10 1. Title page is correct. 2. Page numbering is accurate. 3. Page header is appropriate. 4. Citation of references in text is correct. 5. • Direct quotes • Paraphrasing Reference list follows APA format. • Citations in text are included on reference list • Reference list citations are included in text Final Grade 100 XIII. Additional Rubrics (optional): Disclaimer: The syllabus is subject to content modification as necessary to facilitate the best learning experience ...
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Picot Statement Paper: Implementing Nursing Transformational Leadership
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Picot Statement Paper: Implementing Nursing Transformational Leadership
Can implementing a transformational nursing leadership style in hospitals help to reduce
the adverse health outcomes for stage two pressure ulcers patients? This paper seeks to answer
this PICOT question by finding pieces of evidence that link transformational leadership to the
healthcare outcomes among pressure ulcers patients admitted in a hospital. There has currently
been an increase in the cases of people suffering from pressure ulcers due to an increase in the
population of elderly and less mobile people (Adams et al, 2018). Boyko, Longaker & Yang
(2018) also noted that “the increase in obesity, in the population of elderly people, and in the
number of disabled people has led to the increase in the cases of pressure ulcers”. The stage two
pressure ulcers patients stay longer in hospitals and consequently suffer from adverse healthcare
outcomes such as a prolonged stay in hospitals, increased patients’ death, patients contracting
other diseases, and cases of medical errors (Asif et al, 2019). Implementing a transformational
nursing leadership has the potential of reducing the rates of these adverse healthcare outcomes
for stage two pressure ulcers patients.
Patient Group
The patient group is the people suffering from stage two pressure ulcers and who are
admitted to a hospital. These are people who are relatively immobile and have thus developed
wounds on their skins due to prolonged contact with, and pressure from, surfaces of objects.
Stage two ulce...

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