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about the various communication styles and leadership traits and how you interact in a multi-cultural / national environment. One of the key traits when you become a leader is how well you embed yourself and deal in situations in your industry, country, team environment, and organization. In class, we discussed the different cultures and their values including different communication and importance towards work, family, and other environments.

For this individual assignment, a good tool that we will introduce that has great relevance in understanding yourself and how you deal with people in different cultures, countries, and surroundings. It gives you a great sense of where you are at in terms of personality, behavior , and approach to dealing in situations. For example, D styles are very decisive, stern to the point, risky, etc. This style is very similar to what we learned in German culture and the leaders we discussed in these multi-national corporations. This type of style can work very well in these type of multi-national corporations where as "I" styles may face a challenge since they challenge the leadership. In this case on the flip side, "S" styles may work very well with "D" styles since they follow orders, communicate and seek sense of security and maintain status quo, etc.

DISC - is a great assessment tool for leadership development, communication training, coaching, team building, etc.

Please review the following videos and determine which quadrant of DISC personality type you are in and why? Provide some examples from your prior, current global work experience, your values, etc.

Identify your values, how well you understand your leadership and communication style and how you can use this to interact and communicate through different multi-national organizations, countries, etc.

Watch this, and write about 200-300 words.

also, there is an example for the writing. You can write a similar one but not the same. write a 50 words your own thought commont for this example.

example:After watching the YouTube videos about DISC I realized that I’m a mix of “D” and “I”. I would say “D” is 70% and “I” is 30%. From my own experience and from what others say about me, I’m direct and result-oriented, I’m not afraid to take risks and full responsibility. Also, I prefer to get immediate results and it’s not difficult for me to assign tasks to others. The downside is that not everybody likes to be challenged and get work done immediately. Therefore, disagreements may occur between me and my coworkers. Although, I’m open to suggestions and communication with people and I’m ready to help.

I worked for “Mini Miss World” in the Organization team and we had to deal not only with kids, but with kids from different countries. I worked with enthusiasm and really enjoyed the collaboration with managers from all over the world. This is where my “I” side showed itself. Communication was never a problem for me, even though contestants had different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. I was good at managing people, not only with direct methods, but also trying to influence and inspire. Of course, influencing people requires insight and emotions, but they did not limit my perception of the big picture and affect my decision-making processes.

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Final Answer




DISC Personality Type


DISC Personality Type

According to the video (Everything DiSC, 2015), I fall under the “D” quadrant with
several characteristics from the “I” quadrant. Based on my previous experiences and reviews of
others, I possess characteristics such as direct, taking full accountability for the performance of
my team, r...

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