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Instructions- I will provide an example of what exactly has too be done basically just do what the example shows. Pick any movie and screen shot 6 frames and write about each frame. Write similar thing that the example shows but obviously about the movie you chose.

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Chris finds out that Rose is working with her family to recruit healthy African-American people,
for her parents who hypnotize them, perform cerebral transplants on them. They remove the
black people’s grey matter and implant the brains of elderly white people leaving the
consciousness of the black people in ‘the sunken place’.

Figure 1

Figure 1: The camera focuses on Chris’s face when he notices a small door on a wall. His face is
full of apprehension feeling the viewer with some dread over what he will find in there. The
camera is below eye level and casts Chris in a shadow as it peers from inside the small space that
looks like a broom closet. He switches on a bulb light and illuminates the whole room. The
imagery of him being illuminated shows that important information is about to be reveal...

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