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The last part of this module is the midterm. It is a two and a half hour timed rhetorical analysis of a sample essay you were required to read earlier in the semester (you will find out the name of the essay to write about once you launch this one question test). Please DO NOT LAUNCH IT UNTIL you have some quiet time to work on it. Use the skills you've learned with regard to rhetorical analysis from the handouts in the early modules, the chapters in the text, the first rhetorical analysis that you wrote for the class (or will write in the next couple of days), and our class discussions to structure your essay.

I would suggest reviewing the prompt for the out-of-class rhetorical analysis paper & the sample rhetorical analysis paper (both of these are more extensive than you will need to write for the midterm, but the idea is the same), and the sample midterm for more insights.

Please note: NOT all students will recieve the same essay to write about. The essays will be chosen from a pool. Any student submitting an essay that their test does not ask them about will recieve a non-passing grade.

The test will explain more fully, but you should write a 3-5 paragraph rhetorical analysis supported by evidence for this assignment.

! This is a timed essay, it should be about a random essay, I'll post the essay once it goes online

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Timed Essay
Based on the introduction of “On the Front Lines of a New Culture War” by Steve
Kolowich, one could surmise that the main point of the passage was that Muslims are enduring
being attacked because of their culture. Muslims and Muslim Americans are undergoing massive
discrimination because of the actions of one person and with the election of President Trump in
2016, the ridicule and prejudice that they previously increased have only increased. According to
Kolowich, “Any act of violence by a foreign-born Muslim could reignite fears of immigration
and te...

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