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Interpreting the Bible in the Third World

READ Voices from the Margins, “Dalits, Bible, and Method” (p. 115-128) HW

please watch the video linked below and read "Dalits, Bible, and Method". The following video will help contextualize the material we will be reading, so please watch it first (it's less than 5 minutes):

WATCH India’s Untouchables Explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ2YbYGp0Yc

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Interpreting the Bible in the Third World - Outline
I. One of the main ideas emerging from this reading is that the Dalit communities form the
largest population of Christians in India.
II. Another essential idea arising from this reading is that the bible plays a vital role in Dalit
III. The third idea that arises from these readings is that Dalit people have their religious
leaders and who use the bible to preach
IV. Another interesting thing that emerges from this reading and which requires further
discussion class is that most Dalit people are illiterate and yet they have a bible in
their home
V. For instance, it appears from this reading that most communities in India perceived the
bible as a symbol of colonialism
VI. the author explains that the Dalit theologians use different approaches to interpret the
bible raising the question as to whether the scripture should be ...

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