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Art Review

Write about an artist’s work using 4 different voices as follows: 1.Descriptive Writing, 2. Art

Historical Context, 3. Relating to Another Discipline (i.e. philosophy, environmentalism, etc), 4.

Personal or Voice of Choice (i.e. poetic, experiential, associative, fiction, etc) Each of the four (4)

voices should be roughly 200 words.


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Art Review

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Art Review

Image 1: Showing Disputation of the Most Holy Sacrament (1509-10)

1. Descriptive Writing
It is fascinating to note how Raphael uses the imaginary to design a realistic picture of the
happenings in heaven during the first ongoing sacrament offer. Raphael uses a cloud to separate
and differentiate the two scenes, which are intertwined in meaning and theme. Just in line with
the high renaissance requirements, Raphael manages to paint with clarity every little feature and
elements on the scene. In the upper scene of the painting, Raphael details Jesus at the center of
the scene while being flanked by his mother Mary. Raphael includes other notable men of God in
the bible including John the Baptist, Adam, Peter, Paul, and Moses.



At the center of the painting in the lower scene, Raphael details a table with bread and
wine for the transubstantiation. Raphael includes major Christian leaders during his time
including Pope Gregory I, Augustine, Dante Alighieri, Jerome, Ambrose, Pope Sixtus IV, and
Pope Julius II Savonarola. It is fascinating to note that Raphael manages to paint the materiality
of the world, a feature that is not present in the heavenly scene. Raphael includes a pigeon in a
circular space between the two scenes depicting the connection between the scenes using the
power of the Holy Spirit.
2. Art Historical Context
Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino has been acclaimed by many as a talented artist, whose level
of skill and clarity in his works cannot be underestimated. He was an Italian painter and architect
who offered invaluable contributions to art during the Italian Renaissance from 1495 to 1520, a
period referred to as the High Renaissance. Raphael is revered for his creativity in painting
various scenes and contexts of the life of Jesus. The Disputation of the Most Holy Sacrament
(1509-10) is an example of the series of paintings on Christ and his ministry on earth. This
artwork was produced during the high renaissance period, which demanded that painting be
presented with the highest clarity of themes and elements. Raphael manages to achieve this
objective by use of many colors and clear distinction of the environmental difference in the two
It is also worth noting that Raphael paints a realistic picture of the sacrament masses of
the Catholic Church since he includes the doctors of the church, renowned pioneers of the
Catholic doctrine. He also adds renowned clergymen in the Catholic Church such as Pope
Gregory I, Augustine, Dante Alighieri, Jerome, Ambrose, Pope Sixtus IV, and Pope Julius II
Savonarola to ground his theme.



3. Relating to Another Discipline (i.e. philosophy, environmentalism, etc)
The painting is highly linked to environmentalism. Raphael ensures that he paints a clear
difference between the environmental appearance of the world and the heavenly space. Raphael
uses a white cloud on all the free spaces for the heaven environment while he uses tress and
buildings, as well as a terrain for the earth environment. The environment has a significant
impact on influencing personal behavior and spiritual disposition, a fact that Raphael brings out
clearly by employing this distinction. The humans depicted in t...

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