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ISOL 634 University of the Cumberlands Physical Security Presentation

ISOL 634

University of the Cumberlands


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For this assignment, you are the information security manager for the county of Islington. The county just elected a new sheriff. He does not have a keen understanding of what is Physical Security. It is your responsibility as the security manager to brief the sheriff on what is physical security and how it can be used to protect critical technological infrastructures throughout the county.

Please provide a PowerPoint Presentation with no less than 15 informative slides. Further, you will use Zoom to record yourself, giving the presentation, and explaining the slides. You do not have to be in the video. The slides must include pictures and other graphics showing the technological infrastructures in the county as well as supporting the presentation. The presentation should address the following.

  • What is physical security?
  • What are the levels of physical security?
    • Detail all five levels on separate slides
  • What is the value of planning as it relates to the levels of physical security?
  • What are physical barriers and how they coincide with physical security?
  • Explain security or master plan and countermeasures
  • Expound on designing security and layout of the site


You must have a minimum of 15 slides. This does NOT include your introduction or reference slides. Your presentation should be between 15 to 20 minutes in length. You should have a minimum of 14 DIFFERENT citations with matching a reference list. Please upload your recording (mp4) to your assignment area upon completion. Be sure that your slides show less writing and more graphics; your writing should most be in the speaker notes section of the slides. The plagiarism score should not be more than 30%.

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Final Answer

Hey, kindly see the attachment below with the powerpoint presentation. let me know if you need anything else.

Physical Security
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Physical security

Definition: physical security is defined as the protection from harm, loss or
damage of persons and property (Gigliotti & Jason, 2013).

Importance of physical security

what are the elements of physical

How effective are the various physical
security elements?
Taking the example of ated housings,
the levelsof effectiveness of physical
security elements are as shown

Levels of physical security

There are five levels of physical security namely:

Outer perimeter security
Natural access control

Territorial reinforcement

Inner perimeter security

Interior security (Walters, 2006).

Outer perimeter security

This is defined by the identified
property line

❖It is meant to control who and
what can enter the compound

Natural access control

This is aimed at controlling:

Who can enter the building
Who can exit the building

The knowledge of being observed blocks
unauthorised persons from entering the

Territorial reinforcement

Does one have
difficulty blending in?
I f yes, then there is a
high possibility that
the person is
unauthorised .

Inner perimeter security

This basically entails protection of the windows, door and walls from being
accessed by unauthorised persons (Fennelly,2012)..

Interior security
Main items being protected in this category include:

Data store

Other important assets

Value of planning

Planning is essential in ensuring
that all the aspects of physical
security are considered and no
loopholes are left

Physical barriers to security

 Ornamental
 Chain


link fence

 Bollards

 Handrails
 Barrier


Security plan and countermeasures

An assessment of the levels of risk
is essential followed by measures

Designing security and layout of the site

Security zones

Example of proposed security


Alarm systems. CCTV surveillance systems for use in security applications. (n.d.).

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Technologies. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

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Gigliotti, R., & Jason, R. (2013). Approaches to Physical Security. Effective Physical Security, 7791. doi:10.1016/b...

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