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Music and learning Ernesto Perez Rodriguez Professor: Sabine Louissaint Advanced Writing and Research-DL-B1 March 15, 2020 Music and learning Introduction- Music is found to help people perform better in high-pressure situations, such as the bi-annual high-pressure event that is finals week. I. Music improved your memory and learning capacity A. Music improved your ability to focus B. The sound makes our brain to be active C. The electrical impulse that music creates hep in information storing II. Performance improvement A. Music enhance the functionality of the brain B. Student use music each day more in order to improve the learning skill III. Have been proved that music could help with test anxiety A. Lower levels of stress while reviewing notes B. Depending on the music you listen it would help more lowering your anxiety C. Music decrease stress and anxiety increasing your coping skill Conclusion- Whether it's playing some classical music while cramming for finals or trying out a new playlist while learning a new program or concept, try giving music a listen next time you want to learn. It could make for a harmonious studying session. ...
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Music and Learning

Music has, for a long time, been known to affect the brain. One can alter their moods by
merely listening to the appropriate tunes. It can even help them have a better quality of life when
they are distressed. However, scientific research has proven that the effects of music go deeper
than mood-alteration since it increases a personā€™s cognitive abilities (Riotta). Music has been
found to improve peopleā€™s performance while operating under high-pressure. An example is a
high-pressure situation is a bi-annual event that takes place during finals week (Florida National
University). This paper discusses the effects of music on learning outcomes.
Music improves memory and learning capacity
Music improves oneā€™s ability to focus. This is contrary to the belief that music creates a
distraction. A study conducted by Stanford indicates that music causes the brain to pay attention
to the current situation. Other researchers have found that music activates the parts of the brain
that affect someoneā€™s concentration and updating the event in memory (Florida National
University). However, the choice of music is what will influence brain processes. A group of
Finnish researchers...

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