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Fintech are developing at a rapid pace. Some of them are revolutionizing the banking sector. With that comes many exciting and challenging opportunities.

Write a 3-4 page essay discussing Fintech. Pick a Fintech company. Describe its product or service and how it is changing the financial landscape. Discuss who are the leading creators of Fintech companies (are they financial professionals or somebody else). Describe current banking regulations (who they apply to, who has oversight, etc.) Discuss the regulatory challenges that government has surrounded with this Fintech company and others like it.

This essay should be formatted in APA. The essay must have two references for each assignment. You can use your book as one reference and any search engine for additional references. Wikipedia is not a credible website and may not be used. You may also import pictures, but it is not required.

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Financial Technology (Fintech)

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Financial Technology
Financial technology or Fintech refers to emerging technologies being developed with the
purpose of improving and automating financial operations. It involves companies or businesses
that uses technologies and innovations to positively impact how people perform their financial
activities. Fintech users, including organizations, companies, business owners and individual users,
leverage the power of these technologies to effectively access and manage their financial
operations as well as processes. Fintech opens many exciting and challenging opportunities in the
delivery of personal or commercial financial services; specialized software and algorithms are put
on computers and mobile phones to deliver fast, safer and more efficient financial services (Kagan,
Fintech keeps on developing at a quick pace driven by its access with evolving technologies
that is crucial for its development. Fintech had grown explosively during the past years. It now
involves different sectors and industries including but not limited to non-profit organizations,
education, retail banking and investment management. Some of Fintech’s newest advancements
includes machine learning, algorithms, blockchain as well as data science. People are...

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