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Enterprise System Recommendation

SugarSquared, Inc. manufactures candy in Riyadh and distributes its products throughout the KSA. The organization has over 300 employees in three locations. Its functional business units currently work in silos, with data pertaining to their various departments held in separate, legacy systems. The company’s revenues are growing, and it has an online retail site.

You have been tasked with recommending an enterprise system to senior management. Address the following:

  • Which type of enterprise system would you recommend? Why?
  • What are the benefits of implementing such a system?
  • What challenges do you foresee in implementing this system? How would you address these?
  • What are some of the vendors that offer such systems? Is there one that’s preferable given the organization’s needs? Why? What business factors should be addressed in order to make this determination? Explain.

Your well-written report should be 5 pages in length, not including the cover and reference pages. Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citing at least two scholarly references, as appropriate.

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Enterprise System Recommendation
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My Recommended Enterprise System and the Reasons for Recommendation
The Sugar Squared, Inc. manufacturing company is a significant business entity with
several departments that carry out different business operation activities (Nordmeyer, 2019).
Considering this fact, I would choose an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System as my best
recommendation for the Company. ERP is an integrated information functional system that
offers a platform over which a Company can coordinate and enrol its most essential processes
during routinely operations through the use of an appropriate resource planning mechanism
(Nordmeyer, 2019).
An Enterprise Resource Planning system is so much crucial in that it acts as a continuous
feedback loop where the various departments can freely share vital information between and
among them and provide timely feedback. The ERP will also be fundamental in integrating the
various software applications used by the Sugar Squared Company (Nordmeyer, 2019). From the
integration, the Company can enjoy the ease with which it can manage its financial and
purchasing activities, the inventory and the human resource. By use of the ERP system, it is also
possible for the Sugar Squared Company to divide its business operations into smaller
manageable units (Chofreh et al., 2018).
The Sugar Squared Company deals in several business functions. For convenience
purpose, it is much better for the Company to integrate all those functions into one system for
ease of accessibility. The ERP system also acts as a supporting agent whereas different businessrelated dimensions such as the designing of the management inventory, the pricing of products
and time management can all be realized through the use of the ERP software (Nordmeyer,



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