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complete the following activities:

A. Using the Internet, review at least 3 articles on Profit-Cost-Volume relationship. Summary (500 words or more) the articles in your own words.

B. As a manager, why is Profit-cost-volume important in planning? Support your response with numerical example(s)

C. Using the Internet, review at least 3 articles on Variable Costing. Summary (500 words or more) the articles in your own words.

D. As a manager, discuss how you would use Variable Costing in managerial decisions Support your response with numerical example(s)

No plagiarism

atleast 3 references

APA format

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Profit-Cost-Volume and Variable Costing
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A) Articles summary on Profit-Cost-Volume relationship
According to Kelly (2020), the Profit Cost Volume analysis examines a relationship
between changes in activities in opeartions and the changes in sales, expenses, and gains.
CVP is an important tool that can be used by a startup company or an organization that having
economic difficulties. As such, the CVP helps an organization to determine the number of
products that a company must produce in order to break even, where total cost equates total
revenue. According to Kelly (2020), the CVP enables the business to determine the effects on
profits when there are changes in operating activities that contribute to changes in revenues
and costs. Also, Kelly (2020) outlines CVP enables companies to face financial and economic
crises in commencing their operations. CVP analyses put the business in a position to weigh
the effects of profits on several operation cost changes, thus can easily determine the sales
volume that needs to be met to attain a certain profit and revenue point. However, the author
indicates there are various assumptions about the business environment in which businesses
must operate. As such, for the CVP analysis to be helpful, if the assumptions must be
According to Sadiq et al. (2017), Cost-Volume-Profit analysis can be used as a tool
that helps in business decision making processes. As such, he states that CVP relations
analysis helps an organization to maximize its profits by conducting an examination of
production levels and sales volumes and all factors that affect them. In simple terms, it states
that a CVP analysis determines the relationship between the cost and profits of products with
the business volume for the profits made. However...

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