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1)Please watch these commercials and read the article in the file below. All of them are attempts to speak to Generation M. How would you evaluate their effectiveness? Are any more effective than the others? Make your case.

2) Now, drawing on the reading, Generation M , collectively create a profile of the a Generation M woman. Remember? Give this woman a name, and build a profile of: Her likes, dislikes, values, perceptions of herself.

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Question 1
According to the article titled Generation M, it is clear that the Muslim, especially the youth in the
age bracket of 32- 40, uphold the ideas encompassed in modernity in all aspects of life
(Janmohamed, 2016). These aspects include food and consumption, dressing codes, and fashions
such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and H&M, travel and excursions, religious beliefs, among
others. The article and the videos postulate that the aspect of generation M women in not more of
age but the attitude they possess. The generation M Muslim woman wants to convince the society
that, however much the uphold religion, they should not disregard modernity and lifestyle.
Though the Generation M woman follows all the set Islamic religious rules and regulations, it is
not lost on them that they are opera...

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