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Write two paragraphs of quote analysis from the text you have selected for Essay 2, using Roberts-Miller's "Characteristics of Demagoguery" as a lens

You will be addressing the part of the prompt which follows; "you must identify three instances (quotes) within your chosen text which demonstrate the author/speaker’s intension to polarize and/or sow hatred. You can find two examples of polarization and one for hate, or vis versa, but each should have at least one instance (quote). Then, analyze the technique/qualities that the author/speaker presents in this example of polarizing or instigating of hate. Robert’s-Miller carefully describes a number of these techniques/qualities in her essay (e.g. dehumanizing, motivism, pandering to stereotypes), I am asking that you identify and analyze at least one technique or quality for each instance (quote) which polarizes or inspires hate."

You only need to analyze two of the three examples of polarization/hate for this discussion board post.

Selected Text to Analyze: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1guVdord62rZrf7...

Roberts-Miller's "Characteristics of Demagoguery": http://www.patriciarobertsmiller.com/characteristi...

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The eloquent statement by Roberts-Miller, "If you are not on their side–with all your
heart and soul, in all ways and without hesitation–then you are against them," points out the level
of polarization in our society. The aspects of demagoguery were conspicuous during the recent
presidential election due to political intolerance. From experience, I have encountered the
deployment of the techniq...

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