Chapter 6 Employee Management Practices and Staff Motivation Discussion

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This week we will examine one of the most challenging aspects of administration, and that is employee performance management. We will continue our work from week two and move to supervision and staff performance for the position you recruited in week two. This week's Discussion Board asks us to examine employee motivation. In human services, we often encounter people who are dedicated to the mission of the agency. They work tirelessly, frequently for less-than-adequate pay, because they believe the work they do is a reward in itself. Sometimes, however, we come across people who are less concerned with the mission. They view work as just that - work. They are not interested in going above and beyond unless they are compensated to do so. While their work may be satisfactory, their lack of dedication to "going the extra" mile can be frustrating. It is the job of a leader to manage both types of employees effectively.

With that being said, this week's discussion:

Reflecting on your readings for this week, consider the dilemma of a supervisor that hires the “right person for the bus” whose performance begins to deteriorate. Using the information from your texts and case studies, describe a real or hypothetical scenario of an employee whose performance started to diminish and how successful supervision and management turned the performance around.

Note: Please cite your references and include in-text citations. Use APA format.


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Employee management practices form a significant part of human resources development
function. Organizations use different approaches for staff motivation based on their objectives and
available resources (Collins, 2001). The purpose is to explore the affect employee incentive programs
have on org...

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