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Resource: Marketing Lemonade (Part 1) Grading Guide

Scenario: Your team is looking for a way to make some revenue as either a for-profit or not-for-profit organization. This organization can market locally, nationally, or internationally. The product that you have decided to sell is lemonade. To make the endeavor work, you will have to define a marketable form of the drink and decide on a target market.

Your marketing team's mission is to prove the company's goals will be met by providing research, strategy development, and the reason why this form of the product is viable. For this part of the project report on the following:

  • Target market
  • Product's definition to the target market
  • Viable pricing strategy
  • Brand's position in the competitive environment

Complete the Marketing Lemonade Worksheet.

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Lemonade Village
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Lemonade Village

1. Select a company name and determine the real business world industry of operation.
Company Name

Industry of Operation

Lemonade Village

Food and beverages

2. Describe in no more than 90 words, the new and unique form of lemonade that will
be launched by your company.
The lemonade we will be making will be 100% organic. It will be made with no preservatives,
added sugars, or other chemicals. We will strive to find the freshest ingredients in the market
and ensure we are providing different flavors from lemonade made of lemons, to different
versions made from fruits like peach. Our products will be tested for quality assurance to allow
us to market to various target markets. We will also use a competitive price as our products will
be for all consumers who want a healthy, cold beverage.
3. Complete the chart in a total of 90 words describing your organization.
Who are they

Industry of

Mission and Values


Differentiation from
other organizations

Two entrepreneurs

The company operates

Mission- To r...

New York University

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