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Inuk filmmaker Alethea Arnaquq-Baril's animated short, Lumaajuuq, tells a piece of an Inuit Legend, "The Blind Boy and the Loon." After watching the film, you'll post your second close reading, responding to one of two question below. You can review the close reading PowerPoint if you need a refresher. Your response can be written, or you can record an audio/video using the "record/upload media" function:

Responses should be approximately 200-300 words/2-3 minutes of media, but really I just want to get your thoughts and have you practice close reading as a skill. This means you're not simply giving an off-the-cuff answer or simply responding based on what you feel but actively pointing to and describing scenes to demonstrate why you're answering as you are. You can analyze the words, the visuals, or the two acting in tandem.

Once you've responded, read through your classmates post and when you find something interesting build on the conversation with responses. We can't recapture our classroom experience, but we'll start small and see where we go from here.

The film:

Discussion questions:

1. Blindness is a key element in the film in multiple ways. How do you see blindness, whether physical, metaphorical, or both contributing to the film's conversation about vengeance?

2. What can the relationships between humans and other-than-humans in the film teach us about interacting within a community, a particularly relevant subject in light of our response to the coronavirus?

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Running head: FILM ANALYSIS


Analysis of the Film Nunavut Animation Lab: Lumaajuuq


Analysis of the Film Nunavut Animation Lab: Lumaajuuq

The film Nunavut Animation Lab: Lumaajuuq is an animated movie that tells the story
about the danger of revenge. This film follows the life of a young blind boy who lives with his
cruel mother. The boy's mother not only gives him food that ...

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