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“Failing to plan is planning to fail”, is the proverb that affect project planning. Based on this proverb you are required to answer the questions given below.

1. List few consequences, which arises due to poor planning, and explain them in your words. Give an example of any product, which failed, in the market due to poor planning. (2.5 Marks)

2. Do you think systematic planning help in setting goals and making decisions? Give reasons to support your answer by choosing any event (e.g. product launch, conducting exhibitions etc). (2.5 Marks)

3. Describe the above given proverb with an example based on your understanding. (2 Marks)

4. Identify the type of planning required to establish effective monitoring and controlling in the display of products in Supermarkets and explain the process with any example of your choice. (3 Marks)

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Project Planning
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Project Planning
Question 1
Dissatisfaction on the side of customers. Poor planning will hinder an organization from
meeting customers' expectations. As a result, they will be dissatisfied and are likely not to consider
the business for any other job in future. He would be aiming to convert into a massive loss to the
business as the project will have failed to establish a good relationship with potential clients.
Failure to plan will expose the organization to unpredicted problems and high risks. This
situation results in wastage of time in figuring out possible solutions to the challenges the business
is facing. Because time is money, funds of the organization will be used to solve issues which arise
from the project as a result of poor planning. Consequently, the organization will be destined for
failure (Harris, 2019).
Poor management of time is another effect of poor planning....

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