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WBS Tool To Create Top (0) level of WBS: Click Style / Click Global Options / Click Show Root Element Check Box Work Breakdown Structure Organization Chart Automated Software System 1 Prime Mission Product 1.1 Subsystem 1… (Specify Names) 2 Platform Integration 1.2 PMP Application Software 3 Systems Eng/ Program Mgt 1.3 PMP System Software 4 System Test & Evaluation 5 Training 6 Data 5.1 Equipment 5.2 Services 5.3 Facilities Page 1 7 Peculiar Support Equip 8 Common Support Equip 8.1 Test & Measure Equip 8.2 Support & Handling Equip 3/24/2020 Scope Management Individual Assignment Scope Management (ITPM chapter 5). Answer the questions below thoroughly and completely (one sentence answers will not be sufficient). Submit the assignment as one word document via BlackBoard assignments. Additional files or non-Word files will not be accepted. Be sure to include your name, course.section and assignment #. 1. What is scope? What processes are involved in project scope management? 2. What is a project scope statement? What should a project scope statement include? 3. What are project requirements? Discuss the common methods used for collecting project requirements. 4. What is scope creep? What are the goals of scope control? Why is controlling scope so important in project management? 5. What is a WBS? What is a WBS diagram? What is a responsibility matrix? 6. You are put in charge of introducing a new self-checkout Point of Sale (cash register) system in TU’s University Store. Identify all the deliverables and work required to complete the project (must have at least 15 primary tasks and 4 summary tasks). Use your choice of software to create a WBS diagram (with at least 2 levels of detail). Use MS project to create a corresponding Gantt Task List (task sheet) - do not include durations or dependencies (predecessors/successors) or dates. Use Word (table) to create a corresponding Responsibility Matrix for the project (make up team member names). Be sure to number all tasks in the WBS, Task List and RM. Place (copy and paste) the WBS diagram, Gantt Task list and Responsibility Matrix below: 6a. WBS diagram 6b. Gantt task list 6c. Responsibility matrix Sample WBS Sample Task List Sample Responsibility Matrix Task Automated Software System Project 1. Prime Mission Product 1.1 Subsystem 1 (Specify name) 1.2 MAP Application Software 1.3 PMP System Software 2. Platform Integration 3. Systems Eng/Program Mgt 4. System Test & Evaluation 5. Training 5.1 Equipment 5.2 Services 5.3 Facilities 6. Data 7. Peculiar Support Equip 8. Common Support Equip 8.1 Test & Measure Equipment 8.2 Support & Handling Equipment Robert Maria Alex Jane Carlos Michelle x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Schedule Management Individual Assignment Schedule Management (ITPM chapter 6). Answer the questions below thoroughly and completely (one sentence answers will not be sufficient). Submit 1 Word document (.doc), 1 Project file (.mpp) and 2 .pdfs (Gantt chart and Network diagram) via BlackBoard assignments. Be sure to include your name, course.section and assignment #. 1. What are the processes (discussed in class) involved in project time / schedule management. 2. What is a task/activity? What is a milestone? Describe task/activity sequencing? 3. What is a project resource? What are some examples of project resources? What role / importance do resources play in project time/schedule management? 4. Discuss the difference between a task’s duration and an task’s effort? 5. What is a Network diagram? What is a Gantt chart? Compare and contrast the two. 6. What is the critical path? Describe how the critical path is determined? 7. What is slack (float)? What is total slack? What is free slack? 8. Using the network diagram below, answer the questions below: Task: A Duration: 3 Task: C Duration: 2 Start Task: D Duration: 5 Task: E Duration: 4 End Task: B Duration: 7 a. complete the table - calculate the earliest start (ES), earliest finish (EF), latest start (LS), latest finish (LF) and total slack for each task Task A B C D E Duration b. identify the critical path ES EF LS LF Total Slack 9. In assignment 4 you created a WBS diagram, Gantt task list and Responsibility Matrix for a new Selfcheckout Point of Sale (cash register) system in TU’s University Store. That project required at least 4 summary tasks and 15 primary tasks. Using the MS Project file, you created in assignment 4, put together the schedule for the Self -checkout project by adding the duration and sequencing for all tasks – use the Gantt Chart view. Generate a .pdf for the Gantt Chart view of your Self-checkout project. Generate a .pdf for the Network diagram view for Self-checkout project as well. Answer the following questions about your Self-checkout project: a. If you start the project on February 10, 2020, how many work days will the project take to complete? When will, the project be complete? b. Identify each of the summary tasks (level 1 of your WBS - 1., 2., 3., etc.) and the total duration of each summary task? c. What primary tasks are on the critical path (hint: critical task list report)? Sample Schedule ...
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