CCSD Chapter 7 Environment and Cancer My Biomedical Perspective Discussion



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You have been invited to submit an article to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Annual journal for this year, following your reading of Chapter 7 from The Molecular Basis of Cancer textbook by Mendelsohn et al, write a descriptive essay on the topic “The Environment and Cancer – My Biomedical Perspective”. It should not be more than two (2) pages long (excluding your reference page – this should be the third page). You are encouraged to use other scientific sources and review articles in composing your essay.

Writing Clues:

Use appropriate sub-headings to organize your essay and make it easy to read

Use specific and clear examples to highlight your understanding of the concepts

Use the appropriate scientific language and terminology for the topic and your scientific audience/readers/policy makers

Emphasize the clinical aspects of the topic – talk about specific diseases that relate to the topic

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CCSD Chapter 7 Environment and Cancer My Biomedical Perspective Discussion
CCSD Chapter 7 Environment and Cancer My Biomedical Perspective Discussion
CCSD Chapter 7 Environment and Cancer My Biomedical Perspective Discussion
CCSD Chapter 7 Environment and Cancer My Biomedical Perspective Discussion
CCSD Chapter 7 Environment and Cancer My Biomedical Perspective Discussion

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1 INTRODUCTION Cancer one of the deadliest diseases known to man around the world. It is known to be one of leading causes of death. This disease CANCER is an equal opportunity killer no age, gender, race, nor status in life is exempt from its cascade of events. On the other side of that a number of cancers can be prevented. It is estimated that as many as two-thirds of all cancer cases are linked to environmental causes. (1) The lifestyle that people partaken in can be linked to cancers. (2) CAUSES OF CANCER It is known that cancer takes time to develop over some years and has many different causes to create them. The factors of the creation of cancer can be done both inside and outside of the body. The environment in which we surround ourselves such as where we live like being from the north or south even city to country. What we ingest plays a role more then we know such as Smoking, our Diet, and even our occupation has role. (1,2) OUTSIDE FACTORS The external factors such as excessive sunlight exposure, and sexual behavior that increases exposure to certain viruses. Different environmental exposures are linked to specific kinds of cancer. There are studies of occupational groups that have higher exposures to these chemicals than the general population which are associated with many environmental chemicals. For example, carpenters who have or has been exposed to asbestos. This is known to be 2 primarily linked to lung cancer. Another example, is the dye workers of the United States and abroad where exposed to benzidine which is associated with bladder cancer. (1,2) BENZIDINE Known to be a member of a large class of carcinogens known as aromatic amines. (1) This cancer is found in the bladder of dye workers. Before the 1970s a many of workers were exposed. The activation is done of certain benzidine-base dyes that reacts with the DNA and induces chromosomal damage in vivo. This cancer has affected a number of species but the parent compound makes the study harder. (1) INSIDE FACTORS The ingestion factors are lifestyle choices such as cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of exercise and exposure to certain medical drugs. These trends are some of the causes for breast and prostate cancers. The H. pylori bacterium causes stomach cancer which is from the diet. As for smoking is linked to cancers of the lung, bladder, mouth, colon, kidney, throat, voice box, esophagus, lip, stomach, cervix, liver, and pancreas. Because the consumption of these things it can be passed through the genes. (1,2) CONCLUSION 3 REFREACNCE 1.Deyssenroth MA, Gennings C, Liu SH, et al. Intrauterine multi-metal exposure is associated with reduced fetal growth through modulation of the placental gene network. Environment International. 2018;120:373-381. doi:10.1016/j.envint.2018.08.010 2.Mendelsohn J. The Molecular Basis of Cancer. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Saunders; 2015. ...
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The Environment and Cancer- My Biomedical Perspective
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Environment carcinogenesis and cancer
Environment carcinogens are substances that are involuntarily exposed to human beings
through diet, lifestyles, occupation and infectious agents. These substances are no inherited
factors that expose human beings to the risk of getting cancer. A subgroup of known and
rationally anticipated human carcinogen are classified as environmental carcinogen. The
example of environmental carcinogens are metals, pesticides components, dioxins and
mineral fibers like polyaromatic hydrocarbon, erionite and asbestos.
These impurities are basic components of indoor and outdoor air, water, soil and food
products. The standards of determining whether a substance is carcinogenic or not are regularl...

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