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Possible topics for the History 3C Final paper1. What were the most significant changes in Africa during the nineteenth century, and why did they occur?2. During the nineteenth century, both Japan and China faced a combination of internal tensions and Western imperialism. How did these two countries respond to these challenges? Where did this leave both countries by the start of the twentieth century?3. What were the global consequences of WWI? How did the settlement at the close of the war mark the start of a new era in international relations? What pre-war problems did this resolve and what new tensions did it create?4. Thinking about political extremism during the interwar period, write an essay comparing either Italian fascism or German National Socialism with Stalinism. In what ways were these political regimes similar and where did they differ? How were they both seeking to address similar economic, social, and political issues.5. Compare the struggle for independence in two countries following WWII. What were the factors that led to the push for independence? Were they both violent? If so, why? If not, why not?6. Using two cases, explore the nature and character of genocide. In what contexts does it seem to emerge and why does it appear so difficult to prevent?7. The Cold War dominated international politics during the second half of the twentieth century. What were the causes of the Cold War? Using two examples, describe how even though the US and the Soviet Union never went to war, the Cold War featured a host of violent conflicts often playing out in the Third World. Why did the Cold War make these conflicts so lethal?

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World War I was the first global war that occurred between 1914 and 1918. The two
alliances that fought during the world war included the Triple Entente comprising of
Britain, Russia, and France while the Triple Alliance comprised Italy, Germany, and


There were severe economic consequences across the world. Most of the countries spent
their money on financing the war. Countries such as Britain spent approximately 60% of
their economy in financing World War I.


There were severe political consequences such as the fall of the Russian Czar Nicholas
II’s monarchy, Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm monarchy, Austria’s Emperor Charles’s
monarchy, and the Ottoman Empire.


Many societal changes occurred under World War I. There was a decline in the number
of birth rates as most of the young men died during the war. There was an increase in the
number of refugees as most people lost their homes and were forced to flee their


With the development of the war, there was a change in warfare technologies. The
different countries and nations across the world fought to ensure that they had the latest
technological advancement to ensure that they are in a better position than their enemies.


In conclusion, World War I resulted in many political, economic and social consequences
in the countries across the world. Most of the nations were faced with financial strain as a
result of the war thus resulting in increased taxes and reparations.


The Treaty of Versailles

The First World War (WW1) marked a new level of change in the global scene. Waged
between 1914-1918, the war saw several countries joining opposing forces to fight
against each other (Baldwin & Förster, 1998).

The war had an immense impact on international relations. The Treaty of Versailles was
signed to officially end the war. Other treaties were also signed between the Allies and
the Central Powers. This saw some European countries lose some of their former

International relations were hugely reshaped after the settlement. The treaty integrated the
Covenant of the League of Nations. This involved the members agreeing to guarantee
each other’s independence.

The settlement saw Germany receive harsh actions as they were deemed to be the cause
of the war. Germany was made to pay a lot of reparations for economic damages and
human costs that emerged as a result of the war.

The British and French had promised the Arabs and the Jews of rewards if they supported
them against the Ottoman Empire. Britain promised Jews a home in Palestine in the
Balfour Declaration that saw the emergence of Israel.

The treaty of Versailles aimed at resolving some problems that led to the eruption of
WW1. Before the war erupted, Militarism was ramp...

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