CH3 and 4 The Secularization Dispute and Beyond DeChants Primer Analysis Paper

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Paper should be at least 750 words.

Present a short formal analysis of deChant’s Primer on Chapter 3 entitled, Secularization and Chapter 4 entitled, The Secularization Dispute and Beyond: Religion and Western Culture Today. The paper must do the following:

  1. Offer a brief sketch (summary/overview) of the reading, including note of topic, major sections, and subsections.
  2. Specify the primary focus of the chapter and how it is addressed. Think about this as the question the author is trying to answer, problem to be solved, issue to clarified.
  3. Identify at least three key terms and concepts (other than religion) used by the author, note their meaning, and explain how author uses them to develop the Chapter.
  4. Specify the author’s most important points (at least two) and explain why they are important.
  5. Explain what the author is saying about religion and secularization.

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DeChant’s Primer Analysis
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DeChant’s Primer Analysis
Dell DeChant’s chapter three focuses mainly on secularization and also highlights
further how Christianity rises, including the process of disenchantment, the eruption of
secularization, and the enlightenment that came after secularization. It also emphasizes on the
fact that when there are no religious themes in the public, the society is most likely becoming
secular. It is important to have religious beliefs in the community; this is reinforced through
the presence of rituals and myths. The case of religious holidays has led to commercialization
which has then resulted in more commercial sales instead of the holidays’ religious aspects.
Despite the presence of religiosity in modern culture, today there is a lack of religious rituals
and myths in the west more than ever before. Cultural secularization in modern society has
become a common theme unlike before. In the western world, living in a secularized society
is linked closely to the ‘religion of consumption,’ also, the media uses advertisement to
communicate this, the meaning is thus embedded in the culture as per the cultural
Christianity has been marginalized increasingly in the west due to the rise of the

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