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Personal Narrative Centers on singular experience as the basis of a new personal understanding or realization. Provides necessary detail, explaining what needs to be explained but developing other meaning through the details of the narrative itself. Embraces the economy of language emphasized in the prose poem. Uses active verbs in an active voice. Uses concrete nouns in detail. Leaves the reader with a new perspective or something new to think about or a different way to view an familiar event. Skillful and varied sentence structures Effective use of punctuation and diction. Proper spelling.

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I do not make friends easily. I have trust issues that date back to high school and while
nasty high school experiences are common, mine left me scarred with trust issues.


I remember the first time we met. You were in a corner listening to our conversation but
with your earphones on. I was loud talking to other people but it is like you could tell this
was all just a face I was putting up.


I made friends through you and every friend of yours became my friend. You seemed to
make reasonable friends while I just made stupid friends who used me and so it was
easier to have you screen and approve people who would become my friends.


Seven years down the line and out of the blues you decide to ghost me. At first, I was
worried that something was wrong. I called you, texted, made plans but you did not want
to see me.


This wasn’t the first time you were taking time for yourself so I understood. You became
my prayer item daily for a month.


You did not even hesitate. You just typed and in less than a second, I had my answer. But
how could we still be friends if I had to ...

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