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Perforation in Oil Wells and Factor Influencing Perforation Performance PPT

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I’m studying for my Powerpoint class and need an explanation.

Me and my group are going to make a presentation and the topic of our presentation is Perforation. We broke it down to different sub-topics.

My sub-topics are:

  • Introduction
  • Jet perforation
  • Factor influencing perforation performance

You will only need to work and create slides for my sub-topics. I will need 10-15 slides, and I will also need you to provide me with a word document on what to say in each slide. provide illustrations on the slides and don't make them wordy. Make sure to show everything on bullets points

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Final Answer


Perforation in Oil Wells

❖Perforation of oil and gas wells is designed to create tunnels in the

communication path between the wellbore and a reservoir.
❖The effectiveness of this path is determined by the flow of fluid to the
well under low pressure conditions.

❖Also the perforation process include the insertion of a perforating gun
into the wellbore at predetermined depth and its firing after it is
❖Jet perforation is one of the methods for exploding the wellbore to
create a tunnel.
❖Therefore, this presentation will focus on this method and factors for
enhancing perforation performance.

Jet Perforation
❖ Jet perforation is the method that uses the shaped charges in a perforating
❖ Also, it involves the use of special explosives for the creation of tunnels from
the pay zone to wellbore through the function of the high-pressure jet.
❖ It is a highly reliable and structured method for perforating oil and gas wells.
❖ Hence, the perforating
guns are assembly in the
wireline or other tubing
casing according to the
conditions of the wellbore.
Image Source: Samad, A. (2011). Perforation of oil and gas wells.

How Jet perforation Works
❖Jet perforation works through the application of explosive
charges shaped appropriately to create perforation tunnels.
❖The explosive charges facilitate the penetration of the casing to
shoot efficiently into the oil reservoir formation by producing
high pressure force (Kolawole, Gamadi, & Bullard, 2019).
❖The shaped charges used are contained within a perforating
❖Also, the conveyance of the charges differs with regard to
application required and the conditions of the wellbore.
❖Types of conveying involved in jet perforation include tubing,
wire line and coiled tubing.

The Shaped Charge

The Image Source: Samad, A. (2011). Perforation of oil and gas wells.

How Jet Perforation Works../2
❖ The first step involves the firing of the denotation cord through employing
of high energy to facilitate the ignition of the denotation cord.
❖ Secondly, the charges are initiated to facilitate creation of the oil flow
❖ High order needs to be maintained throughout this sequence to avoid
production of burn that produces slow energy release.
❖ According to Vijay, Foldyna, and Remisz (2018), penetration of a jet
perforation works through pushing aside the contents present in the
targeted pathway.

Types of Jet Perforation
❖ Application of water jet technique within well completion and stimulation provide
several alternative approaches that significantly enhance the oil recovery and

reduces cost.
❖ Poplygin, Rusinov, Wiercigroch, and Pavlovskaia (2017) stated that abrasive jet
perforation creates clean oil channels and boost productivity.
❖ The deep-penetrating hydrajet perforating has the ability to apply both nozzle and
tubing kinds of jets that facilitate the achievement of great penetration depth.
❖ The multilayer hydrajet fracturing and staged fracturing applies a well without a
mechanical packer due to the high-pressure water reducing cost while boosting the

fracturing effect.
❖ The radial horizontal drilling technique permits horizontal drilling , shortens sidetrack
drilling and reduces overall cost while increasing the productivity of the well.

Abrasive Jet Perforation (Li, Huang, Tian, & Shen, 2010)

Hydraulic Deep-penetrating Jet Per...

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