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Select an individual – an artist, scientist, or writer and discuss his or her creative process. You should use primary materials, interviews, and secondary works to support your ideas.What factors contributed(to their creative success? Can you identify any particular social or personal elements that may have been important?


1) 9 pages

2) At least have two quotations and three outside sources ( use footnotes, do not use work site)

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Tiffany Haddish Creative Process
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Tiffany Haddish Creative Process
Executive Summary
Among the most exceptional abilities, creativity does carry a lot of weight. Everyone can
be creative, but the extent of creativity is what differentiates people from others. We can even
say that creativity stems from one's thoughts and ideas. With creativity, one conjures the ideas
that they have together with the view, fits them within the society or community that they are in
a come up with something new. Inventions stem form creativity, the art of imagining something
and making it out to be true. Over time, there have been many creative people who have come up
with various inventions. Even then, we have to understand that creativity does not always stem
from the creation of things; at times, production causes an intellectual breakthrough and fosters
artistic values. This includes what people like comedians do, producers, artists, among others.
Creativity is a process that involves changing ideas to reality. To better understand the creative
process, we will be looking at an artist who has by far surpassed being creative and taken it to
another level1. Creativity cannot necessarily learn though it can be nurtured. So many people do
attend school, get their education, but their creative process remains slow or barely existent.
Therefore, creativity is more of an ability that one has, and once they nurture it, it gets better
with time. The best thing about it is that creativity does not deteriorate; if anything, the longer
one has lived, the more creative they are likely to be. Among one of the most creative people that
I have heard of is Tiffany Haddish, who, among many things, is an artist, producer, and author.

Botella, M., Glaveanu, V., Zenasni, F., Storme, M., Myszkowski, N., Wolff, M., & Lubart, T.
(2013). How artists create: Creative process and multivariate factors. Learning and
Individual Differences, 26, 161-170.

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All dockets here require a level of creativity so that she can remain relevant as well as continue
being entertaining to her fans.
Tiffany Haddish
Tiffany was born in 1979 in California, south-central Los Angeles, and that is where she
grew up. She was a firstborn in a family of four, although they were all her half-siblings. At the
age of three, when her biological father left, her mother remarried, and that was when she got the
four siblings. They moved to Colton, where they lived as a family of seven, including her stepfather. Unfortunately, at the age of nine, her mother got into an accident, and she ended up
having brain damage. In as much as she went back home, things were never the same. Tiffany
had to take up the role of taking care of the siblings as her, and others were a completely
different person. She reports and says she became easily angered and aggressive, which caused
her to be abusive and violent2. Imagine at the age of nine when people are learning how to be
friends, playing with their peers; Tiffany had to step up and be a parent. Due to the state at home,
she had to find a way to cope, especially with the new temper that her mother had. It was the first
time that she used her creativity to make someone laugh. If she could get her mother to laugh,
that meant that her mother would not hit her at all as the ag...

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