Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Non Fiction Project Essay

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I’d first like to ask you all to write a one-page description of where you are with the non-fiction project. What your aspirations are, the difficulties you may be having either logistically or technically. This should also include changes to the original idea you’re considering, based on our current situation. I encourage you all to think of novel ways to work remotely.

Just for you to have clue, I am doing a interview with a music producer for this video project. However, due to the corona virus, there are some difficulties that I have. I will upload the paragraphs in the file.

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1 According to the creditable sources, the real time update of confirmed COVID-19 cases in NYC are over 15000. The state started the shelter in place policy and this is a serious issue for me to shoot more materials with my friend. Under this circumstance, no one should leave their place or allow others into the place. His studio is located in Queens which statistically is the one of the most confirmed cases area in New York State. If I won’t be able to meet him again in his studio, I will have to seek another way to acquire footages. The materials that I have right now will not allowed me to complete a finally version of the work. If I can meet him again in his studio, the goal is to redo the interview with him and I will ask less questions and let him talk more about himself. For example, his relationship with music, studio, his pet, etc. Indeed, I will need to shoot more closeups on his equipment and environment. And cook up all these footages will not be a tough work for me. If we won’t be able to meet again, I will reach him by phone and record our conversation. One of the technical issue is that I am not sure which software can I use for record the phone call. Under this circumstance, the image part of the video will be tough for me to make it interesting. This is the issue that I have to solve. 2 ...
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Non-Fiction Project Essay
Based on the recently updated figures by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC), as of March 23, the total cases of infection stood at 33,300, with a total of 400 deaths.
The cases reported for New York were 15,168 (CDC). In recent weeks, the State began the
shelter in place a program that has made it challenging for me to get more footage and

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