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Question 1.

An airplane is missing. Based on its flight plan, it has been determined that the airplane is equally likely to be in any one of three locations. A search team will find the airplane in the ith location (assuming it is there) with probability pi = 1 − i/(i + 1), for i = 1, 2, 3. Find the conditional probability that the airplane is in the second (i = 2) location given that the airplane was not found while searching the first (i = 1) location

An urn initially contains r red balls and b blue balls. In each step, a ball is chosen uniformly at random, and then put back into the urn together with a new ball of the same color. Let Ri be the event that in step i a red ball is chosen from the urn. Show that P(R1 ∩ R2) = P(R2 ∩ R3).

Question 3.

A coin has two sides, Heads and Tails. When flipped it comes up Heads with an unknown probability p and Tails with probability q = 1−p. Let ˆp be the proportion of times it comes up Heads after n flips. Using Normal approximation, find n so that |p−pˆ| ≤ 0.01 with probability approximately 95% (regardless of the actual value of p). You may use the following facts: Φ(−2, 2) = 95% pq ≤ 1/4 for any p ∈ [0, 1].

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