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Goal of exercise: Agencies and consultants often seek out brands or companies to target as potential clients. This assignment will help you to learn how to identify a potential customer, analyze their current social media efforts, and recommend ways to change or enhance their current strategy.

Instructions: Research and analyze potential companies to target as a new client. This can be a local, regional, national, or international brand. Analyze that company or brand on social media and how they use different channels to convey their marketing messages. You will be expected to critically evaluate the brand and their activity on all social channels from their blog to their various social platforms. The paper should include the following:

1.Introduce the brand you are selecting and why (20 points)

2.Describe the brand’s social media presence. Where are they active? How active are they? Use screenshots where necessary to illustrate. (40 points)

3.Analyze the brand on social media. What personality are they trying to represent? What is their tone of voice? Do they have a mascot or spokesperson? Do they use influencers? Who do they seem to be targeting? (25 points)

4.Conduct a SWOT analysis. What are they doing well? What are they not doing well? What opportunities could they take advantage of? What are similar companies or competitors doing that this brand could take advantage of? How are they integrating social media on their website and in traditional marketing? (40 points)

5.Conclude with at least 4 recommendations for this brand or company to improve or expand their presence on social media (40 points)

6.References throughout to textbook, class materials, case studies, and articles (25 points)

7.Works Cited/Bibliography with at least 6-8 sources that you use throughout the paper (10 points)

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Final Answer


Social Media Marketing Plan - Outline
Thesis statement: Due to the aspect of social media marketing, the Coca-Cola Company will be
discussed based on how it uses social media for marketing its products.

Introduction of the Brand Selected
A. The Coca-Cola Company
B. Reason for Selecting the Company


Coca-Cola’s Social Media Presence
A. Facebook
B. Twitter


Analysis of Coca-Cola on Social Media
A. ‘Share a Coke’ Campaign
B. Brand Personality
C. Convincing Tone
D. Use of Mascot
E. Use of Influencers


SWOT Analysis
A. Strengths
B. Weaknesses
C. Opportunities
D. Threats




Social Media Marketing Plan




Social Media Marketing Plan
Due to the ever-advancing level of technology, several business practices have been
introduced in the current society. The advanced level of technology has made business practices
to be conducted efficiently and effectively. Several changes have taken place across the world
when comparing the traditional economy marketing plan and the modern marketing plan. The
application of technology has amended the communication gap between consumers and
marketers in the business. Before the introduction of advanced communication technology, there
was a significant gap between the marketers and the consumers in terms of effective
communication (Tuten & Solomon, 2018). Such conditions significantly reduced the level of
interaction between the consumers and the marketers, thus negatively affecting the methods
through which business practices were conducted. The advanced level of technology has made
significantly enabled several companies to apply social media marketing practices. In this case,
social media marketing involves the process by which various organizations seek to develop
traffic through the application of social media sites such as Twitter, intending to make their
products and services known to customers (Thurman, 2013). The organization can develop
traffic on social media platforms in the form of comments, likes, sharing updates, or following
the social media pages of the organization where a particular product is posted. Has people
generate traffic, they usually seek information about the product through the social media site of
the company. Several companies have applied this method to market their products as well as
seeking to understand the number of people who like the commodity. Due to the aspect of social
media marketing, the Coca-Cola Company will be discussed based on how it uses social media
for marketing its products.



Introduction of the Brand Selected
The Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company is considered to be the leading beverage company across the
world. The company refreshes customers worldwide, with over 500 brands. The firm is an
American global marketer, retailer, and producer of the largest consumed non-alcoholic
beverages across the world. The headquarters of the company is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. The
history of the company is long since it has operated for about 130 years, thus being one of the
most experienced companies in marketing (Tripodi, 2013). Currently, the company is ranked as
the third most valuable brand in the world that attracts millions of people around the globe. The
company's brands and sub-brands are considered to be over 500, where some of the top ones
include Coke, Fanta, Sprite, and Minute Maid. The company’s products are consumed in more
than 150 countries and territories across the world.
Reason for Selecting the Company
The long history displayed by the company gives it the priority of being selected by most
academics in conducting research, especially when it comes to the aspect of social media
marketing. Though several companies use the sites to gain traffic for determining the number of
people who are attracted to their products, the company is considered to be among the firms that
increasingly use such sites, especially Twitter and Facebook. Even though the company has
several brands, it keeps on posting them on social media to find out whether more people like its
products and the changes that need to be made on their beverages to attract more people. The
suggestions that...

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