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Review assignment
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Chernov, M., Pullockaran, J., Vick, A., Leyvi, G., & Delphin, E. (2016). Integrated Practice
Improvement Solutions—Practical Steps to Operating Room Management.
The title of the research is clearly stated; this is because the title is approached in two
ways. The first approach tells the reader the general topic of the study, which is integrated
practice improvement solutions. The second part of the title hints the user on the specific
approach of the research, which is practical steps to operating Room Management. This two-way
approach is commendable as it signals to the reader on what to expect. Ir directly tells the reader
what will be discussed throughout the paper. The reader then starts reading the articles with a
clear picture of what to expect in mind. It further improves the reader's engagement with the
document leading to deeper understanding.
Considering the educational achievement of every author of the article, they seem
qualified for the study. They all have a minimum of a master's degree. It is a sign of competency
to conduct the research satisfactorily. Moreover, it is crucial to note that their academic
qualifications are directly linked to the area of study. This is a massive sign that the authors all
have tremendous experiences in this matter and that they are more than capable of delivering an
effective research paper.
The researchers do not distinctively section the problem statement. However, there is a
slight mention of the study problem in the study abstract. It indicates that the researchers
understood the study problem. However, the fact that they did not subsection it as a mini title



suggests that the problem was not well captured for the study. Moreover, it implies that the
researchers were only interested in directly addressing the issue without actually making the
reader understand the question entirely. They should have had a specific problem section set
aside to discuss the problem in greater depths, not only for the sake of the paper but also for the
sake of the reader. A clear problem statement indicates that the reader would relate more to the
Review of Literature
Also, there is no clear subtitle for a literature review section within the study. However,
the approach to the literature review is evident in the methodology sections of the research. It is
also apparent through the methodological approach that the researchers preferred primary
information and data over the secondary data. Nonetheless, both data were used. It is noticeable
that most of the referenced materials are from the current century. However, some old references
were also used; these include studies dating back to the 1990s, which is not ideal for medical
research-based research.
Study Framework
The research's structure is averagely appealing. A theoretical approach is applied in the
use of Integrated Practice Improvement Solutions(IPIS). It indicates that the research's plan and
approach were well defined. Moreover, the reader doesn't have to strain to understand the
approach for the study. Also, the framework-effectiveness of this paper is evidenced. The authors
do a great job of discussing all the essential concepts of the research throughout the article.



All the prementioned hypotheses were dully discussed throughout the study. The purpose
of the research is stated right from the research's title. The researchers also do a great job of
ensuring that the whole research focuses on addressing these hypotheses and study purposes. The
hypotheses were tested, and conclusions made, which further highlights the research's
Numerous assumptions were used during the research. Using IPIS, a model to improve
the efficiency of the Operating Room(OR), it was assumed that other significant factors
remained constant. These factors include the professionalism of the healthcare providers and the
medical technology used.
The research only lists the key terms of the study, without explicitly explaining what they
are for the sake of a novice reader. A word like OR efficiency will be troubling to a student
researcher who wants to get information. It is a medical term, and a slight explanation would
assist in the comprehension of the study.
The sampling procedure is well defined. A group of patients was sampled and observed
before the application of IPIS. Another population group was studied after the implementation of
the model as well. Only surgical rooms were considered as relevant research domains.


Data Collection

The method of data collection was not explicitly mentioned. However, it is quite clear
that the method of direct observation was used to collect information and critical data. The
observation was an ideal method for the research because, considering the nature of the study,
this was the ideal approach as it is cheap, fast, and most effective for this type of research.
The method of research involved a direct observation method. The observation was
aimed at studying whether the efficiency of Operating rooms could be improved. The IPIS model
was approached to bring the desired difference. One study was done without the model, and then
another study was done with the inclusion of the model.
The findings were indeed corresponding and crucial with the objective of the whole
research. It is evidenced by the fact that previous studies done around similar subjects hugely
support this research. It is clear from the study that the inclusion of the IPIS model had a
significant influence on the efficiency of the Operating room.
The findings of the study are quite significant. It is because the research has shown that
the inclusion of the model can improve the efficiency of services offered in the OR. The study
proved to be significant to the medical field at large since the findings of the study can be applied
directly to the practice, which will undoubtedly improve the services and experiences of both
patients and medical officers.



Gupta, D. (2007). Surgical Suites' Operations Management.
The title of the study is not directly clear. It is because it is a general topic(Surgical Suite's
Operations Management), as it does not offer a specific perception and approach of what the
research will cover. It further means that the readers would have a difficult time while reading
the paper. A great title is the one that explicitly offers a specific image of what is to be expected
in the article. Unfortunately, in this document, the authors don't achieve this objective, implying
that the readers will have a difficult time in accessing and relating to the paper. That is the power
of a great, inclusive, and specific title.
The author of the article is well competent to offer reliable research. It is because the
author, Diwakar Gupta, is a graduate in programming Industrial and Systems Engineering,
Minnesota University, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His area of expertise is
directly linked to the topic of research. It is, therefore, logical that the individual is capable of
delivering excellent research.
The researcher does not subsection a problem subtopic for the research. It is, therefore,
hard for a novice or a regular researcher to quickly identify the problem statement of the study.
Even though the researcher mentions the problem lightly within the abstract, it is not entirely
enough to help a reader understand the problem statement at a glance. It also implies that the
researcher was only focused on diving directly to answer the question without ensuring that the
reader has fully understood the problem statement that is being discussed. For the sake of the



novice reader and a regular researcher, the author should have explicitly set a subtopic aside that
explains the problem statement being answered in the question. It would have improved the
engagement of the researcher with the study.
Review of Literature
There is no defined subtopic for the literature review within the research. Everything has
been put together, especially with...

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