Alcohol Consumption Alcohol Abuse and Server Aggression Analysis Essay

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  • Demonstrate your ability to use APA style in-text citations
  • Be objective and not include personal experiences
  • Be written in clear, grammatically correct English
  • Include an APA style reference of the article at the end of your essay. Do not write your reference out in all CAPS, correct usage of capitalization is an important part of an APA style reference.


Your exam is based on the article Alcohol May Not Cause Partner Violence But it Seems to Make it Worse: A Cross National Comparison of the Relationship Between Alcohol and Severity of Partner Violence by Kathryn Graham, Sharon Bernards, Sharon C. Wilshack, and Gerhard Gmel. The authors assessed whether severity of physical partner aggression is associated with alcohol consumption at the time of incident, and whether the relationship between drinking and aggression severity is the same for men and women across different countries.

Respond to the following (5) items. You need to be specific in your responses using paraphrasing as appropriate.

  1. Identify and state hypotheses proposed by the authors.
  2. (A) Briefly, but thoroughly, describe the methods of the study (i.e., the study sample, procedures followed, and study variables); and (B) In an objective manner, provide a critique of the study methodology with respect to how well it fits with the proposed purpose and hypotheses. Be mindful of the study limitations.
  3. Describe the major study findings in relation to the proposed hypotheses (i.e., were the hypotheses supported, and if so, how?)
  4. “The present results suggest that alcohol involvement in intimate partner violence is a public health issue that should not be ignored” (Graham et al., 2011, p.1516).
    1. Describe what next steps need to happen in order to effectively address these issues
  5. What was the overall conclusion?

Your performance will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • How thoroughly you address each item and follow instructions.
  • How well you demonstrate your comprehension of this article.
  • Appropriate use of quotations and paraphrasing, using APA style in-text citations.
  • Use of correct grammar and sentence structure.
  • Proper APA reference

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Alcohol and Severity



Alcohol and Severity
Question 1
The authors proposed hypotheses on the topic “Alcohol and Severity” includes
a) Across different cultures; alcohol abuse has a link to server aggression.
b) The connection between alcohol ingesting and hostility brutality vary by gender or by

Question 2

The research was done across some States as a joint task of the multinational GENACIS scheme,
which is collaboration, composed of more than forty states. T...

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