Slack Technologies Environmental Analysis Goals and Objectives Paper

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Levens, M. R. (2012). Marketing: Defined, Explained, Applied (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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1. Introduction, Goals and Objectives
a. Introduction about the business.
Slack is a company produced and developed by Slack Technologies, an international software
company which was founded in 2009 in Vancouver. It is a proprietary instant messaging
platform which acts as collaboration hub where people can work together in teams.
b. Business vision and mission
The vision of the company is to ease the process of communication between colleagues in the
workforce. The mission of the company is to improve people’s working life by bringing all
communication together in one place.
c. Business objective.
The business objective is to expand its operations worldwide. It aims to gain a strong customer
base in Saudi Arabia by serving customers with its useful and beneficial service. By
establishing the company in Saudi Arabia, its goal is to increase revenues, sales, and profits.
d. Products and services offered
Its services include feature like persistent chat rooms organized by topics, private groups, and
direct messaging, content such as...


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