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All projects begin by answering one of two questions:

  1. How can I make business scenario ABC better or more efficient?
  2. What business scenario can I automate to benefit organization XYZ?

For this assignment, select a business scenario you would like to develop into a project over the next five weeks. You have two options:

  1. You may select one of the two business scenarios described in the Select a Business Scenario document.
  2. You may select a business scenario of your own choosing.

This can be a scenario from your workplace; for example, a frustrating process you have been eager to rework or a potential process you have been thinking of that does not exist yet but that you think would be valuable to your organization if it were developed into an IT project.

Note: If you decide to select a business scenario of your own choosing, you must obtain approval from your instructor for your scenario before beginning the project proposal assignment, which is also due this week.

Download Select a Business Scenario.

Read through the options.

Type your selection (Scenario A, Scenario B, or Scenario C) directly into the Select a Business Scenario document (on the space provided next to each scenario). If you select Scenario C, you must include a scenario description as outlined in the document.

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Select a Business Scenario
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University of Phoenix Material
Business Scenario
Scenario A: Financial Services
The business scenario of interest is the financial services company that sells investments to, and manages investment
portfolios for, high net worth individuals. The organization uses custom-built legacy software applications and systems to
support its sales processes. The sales software applications and systems are not integrated, and they do not support an
enterprise view of the sales processes throughout the organization. The Top management is frustrated because the sales
applications and systems do not provide the information and reports necessary for them to measure, monitor, and

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