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Deliverable Length:

General order proposal of 1,250–1,500 words

For the Phase 4 IP, you wrote a proposal of 1,000–1,250 words of a general order for the chief of police on interview and interrogation strategies. By now, you should have received feedback from your instructor about the general order that you put together for Phase 4. For this task, you will revisit the general order from the Phase 4 IP, and do the following:

  • First, make any edits necessary based on the feedback from your instructor.
  • Amend the general order to include caution, techniques, and skills authorized for use in obtaining statements from special populations (e.g., children, elderly, and the mentally challenged).
    • What special training, demeanor, and other conditions should be considered by the police department interviewers?
    • Do not forget about proposing possible themes on how to approach certain populations when seeking their information.
    • Read the literature, and do some scholarly research to develop your addendum to the earlier general order.

Your assignment should be submitted as a memorandum from the chief of police to the entire department as a supplement to the original general order. Your memorandum should include sections for the following special populations (at a minimum):

  • Children
  • The elderly
  • The mentally challenged

The high performer might also suggest other special populations to consider, if any.

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Running head: IP 4


General Order for the Chief of Police
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IP 4


To: Chief of Police
Subject: General Order
Chief of Police General Order
The police general orders are read according to the government authorizations. However, if
the orders do not agree with the government expectations, then the law must abide. The
orders apply to everybody, including the police officers. Any non-compliance faces
disciplinary action regardless of his social status. The headquarters orders can supplement the
PGOs since they are also valid. Several changes have been made in light of the community
activists on our detective bureau techniques that are to be used in the negotiations and
interrogation of the interviews. The police are identified to be at the forefront to ensure they
provide the best service to the local communities (French, 2018). Different changes will be
witnessed in the police taskforce to ensure there are better procedures that are out in place for
discharging the correct service to the police.
Provision of Miranda warning and waivers of right forms
Over time there has been discord between the residents and the police, and it is
prudent police presented as part of the police (French, 2018). This is because there is no
collaboration and teamwork among the police officers. Some are siding with the criminals to
help them escape the law. As a result, a part of the police team spends quality time
investigating their colleagues. When an arrest has been made, several rights will be observed
by the booking officer to ensure the individual has been given the right reasons. The rights

IP 4


include; the individual has a right to make a call, the individual will be read the charges
presented befor...

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