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  • Examine what problem(s) the company is addressing and how they address it.
  • Select at least three internal and external stakeholders.
    • Assess the effects of the company’s CSR initiatives on each stakeholder.
    • Evaluate whether the company is successfully communicating their mission to the stakeholders.
    • Recommend how the company can improve its CSR presence or program.

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Running head: GOOGLE LLC AND CSR


Google Limited and Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

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Google Limited and Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Google limited remains one of the companies that epitomize Corporate Social
Responsibility(CSR). The company roles out different innovative technologies coupled with
apposite alignment of the innovations towards the achievement of social responsibility to the
shareholders. The company has managed to produce powerful technologies like Gmail, Google
Drive, Google Earth, and Google search engine without compromising the stand on CRS. The
current paper analyses the problems that the company is addressing alongside the company’s
CRS to the stakeholders.

The innovative company faces competition from other related companies. Google LLC has to
ensure the sustainability of its operations by addressing the three Ps of People, Planet, and profit.
The achievement of a balance in the three Ps ensures sustainability in the operations of
companies, culminating in long-term accountability of the organization (Hammond &
Christensen, 2016). The company needs to ensure consistent profitability to remain in operation
over a long time. Google needs to ensure that the operations benefit the employees and the
community at large. The strategies include the production of the technologies with the customers
in mind, to ensure customer satisfaction (Dada, 2...

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