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Broward County, Florida, was a pioneer in this field, and studies of their system have been published. A search of the SUO library should begin there. Also, organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association and Mental Health America have published position papers on the topic. A 2006 study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) can provide needed background on incarcerated inmates with mental issues.

Using appropriate research, prepare a 4-6 page report in Microsoft Word that addresses the following points:

  • Review the current state of “mental health courts.” How prevalent are they? Is this a trend that seems to be gaining support? Do they exist in your county presently?
  • Discuss the methodology used by the BJS to support the need for mental health services in corrections. Evaluate whether their research is appropriate for determining the need for mental health courts, and/or show how it could be improved. In other words, does the BJS study tell us what we need to know?
  • The BJS study at the heart of this movement was updated in 2006. Your report proposes an updated study. Provide and discuss at least five appropriate research questions that a present-day study on the mental health of offenders should cover.

Last, if your county were to adopt or expand this model, the professionals involved in its implementation will need guidance. Conclude your report with guidelines and procedures for police, prosecutors, and public defenders. For example, how should police training be modified to help officers recognize mental health issues? What criteria should prosecutors use when deciding whether to divert a case? Use these questions as the beginning of this section.

Make certain that you support your proposal with proper reasoning and research data.

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Mental Health Courts and Services
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Mental Health Courts and Services
Mental Health Courts, abbreviated as MHCs are courts that are aimed at treating and solving
problems for mentally ill offenders through sending them to community-based treatment
programs rather than to punishment areas set by the criminal justice system such as jails
(Johnston & Flynn, 2017). According to Johnston and Flynn (2017), mental health courts are
causing debates on when a person is to be taken to a mental health court and prevent them from
going to jail. The criteria for people being eligible to go to MHCs depends on the severity of the
mental illness, and according to Lowder, Rade, and Desmarais (2018), people with severe mental
illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are eligible to gong to MHCs. Lowder et al.
(2018) assert that MHCs were created to reduce recidivism. This article focuses on mental health
courts and mental health services in corrections.
Prevalence of MHCs
Several states in the United States have MHCs in them, including Washington, Alabama,
Arizona, New York, Texas, and Iowa etcetera (Snedker, 2018). In total, Snedker (2018) explains
that approximately forty of the fifty states in the US have MHCs, which shows that Mental
Health courts have a high prevalence rate and that there is top support for their accommodation
in modern-day society. Snedker (2018) asserts that the wide embrace of the MHCs is
understandable since it involves offering help to the offenders that are mentally ill as they assist
with social services. The benefits of the measures taken by MHCs are felt by both the families of
the offender...

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