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CNCC Designing and Implementing a New Rater Training Program for Supervisors Paper

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s a senior HR manager of a large Saudi Arabian company, you have been assigned the task of monitoring and evaluating the organization’s current performance management system. You have also been receiving complaints from the customer service employees that their ratings seem inaccurate and inconsistent. These employees feel the criteria of assessing the performance are not fully aligned to their goals. You are worried that this may lead to the issue of higher turnover of the customer service employees and the organization may lose quality employees if these issues are not addressed. Therefore, you have been assigned with the task of designing and implementing a new rater training program for your supervisors in order to rectify these issues.

Using the previous scenario, provide a critical discussion for the reasons why rater errors may be occurring while evaluating customer service employees. Critically analyze the need for the alignment of organizational goals with employee goals and the performance management system. Recommend a suitable rater training program for your supervisors. Include the benefits of the recommended method in order to justify this choice and to highlight the importance of aligning organizational goals with an appropriate strategic measurement method.

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Designing and implementing a new rater training program for supervisors
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Rating the employees in an organization is essential in ensuring that they achieve the
goals set. However, there has been a series of challenges when it comes to ensuring there is
fairness in the rating method. They are elements of biasness in the current rating system, making
it difficult to rate the employees appropriately. This work, therefore, presents the designing and
implementing a new rater training program for supervisors.
Reasons why rater errors may be occurring while evaluating customer service employees
There are various reasons as to why the rater errors may be happening during the
evaluation of the customer service to the employees. The reasons are highlighted and
summarized below;
Rater bias: Rater bias is the judgmental error that occurs whenever an individual allows their
performed biases to influence the evaluation of the customer service employees. It is common
during the performance reviews, which in this case, are given to the respective customer service
employees. They are categorized as the hazard of the rating system, and it is difficult to eliminate
Leniency Bias: This type of bias occurs whenever an individual inflates the ratings since the rate
is ideally feeling a degree of sympathy towards the customer service emp...

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