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Follow HW's requirements to complete it. Run the given program and report the results in text. Some require code for testing. The analysis of the results through several code files, which are explained in your text. Of course, when we need it, we will discuss it in code. This is not a complicated task for you, you just need to follow the document requirements, called HW.pdf. Here are some code files that need to be used.

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Short Course on Digital image processing, summer 2018 Home Work 3 Use the PDF files ‘fpecial.pdf’, ‘imfilter.pdf’, ‘imnoise.pdf’, to do this home work 1. Down Load 2 color Images from the ‘Imaging Modalities’ Document. You may pick the ones you like And read them into MATLAB e.g. im1 = imread(‘leaves.jpg’) 2. Use the ‘fspecial’ to create a 2D Gaussian filter of size (5x5) 3. Use MATALB to transform the color image to YCbCr and pick the Y channel only 4. Use the ‘imfilter’ function in MATLAB to perform a spatial convolution of the images above with the Gaussian filter, recombine the Cb and Cr channels and convert back to RGB and view the images 5. Run the Matalb code posted in Piazza ‘EquivalencOfSpatialAndFrequencyDomainConv.m’ and examing the code and the results 6. Run the MATLAB codes ‘Lowpass_Filter.m’ and ‘Sharpening_Filter.m’ and examing the code and the results 7. Use the procedure discussed in lecture to perform a frequency domain filter using the same Gaussian filter above for the Y channels, recombine the CrCb channles and convert back to RGB and compare the result from spatial domain and frequency domain. They should be identical 8. Use the DCT to interpolate the images by factors 1.75 and 0.6 to the nearest integer. This means if the original image is 1000x1000 a factor of 1.75 interpolation will result in the output image 1750x1750. Also note that in MATLAB you have to use the function ‘dct2’ for all 2D image processing applications. ...
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