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Written Assignment 6: Student Self Assessment

Given the readings in McMillan (2014) and the other resources in this module, create a brief self assessment activity for your students. Explain why you believe this self assessment activity has value in your content area, and in your classroom. What information will it give you that you believe to be important? Use readings to support your findings.

Assignment Guidelines:

This 2-3 page written assignment/reflection should include a title page and references (which don't count as part of the total page expectations). Your paper should be double spaced, 12 point font, and in APA format.

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mwalimumusah (21231)
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The tutor managed to follow the requirements for my assignment and helped me understand the concepts on it.

The tutor was knowledgeable, will be using the service again.

Awesome quality of the tutor. They were helpful and accommodating given my needs.

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