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Team Scenario: The design staff at EW often complains that the team leader Josh is hard to work with but they cannot do without him. He has great ideas and knows how to implement them well but in terms of getting the work done the team complains he is a nightmare. “We send him emails and he either gives us one word answers, fails to edit what he sends or fails to reply. Sometimes he tells two people to do the same thing not remembering he has given the assignment to someone else. The worse problem is that he prioritizes work in an email and then changes things when events interfere. Again, not communicating the change. Last week two of us edited a design for a custom front carrier basket for a customer whose deadline was this week only to find that Josh had changed the deadline to last week. The basket design that was completed by us both had to be adjusted to one design and the rear basket had to be done in two days. This meant long nights. Creating the printer design code takes time. We have tried to talk with Josh about things like this and he gets better for a while and then things are back to normal. He just doesn’t listen.”

Josh was asked about the team’s concerns and he replied “I spend a lot of time prioritizing and delegating job tasks to the team. I always ask people if they are clear about what they have to do and ninety percent of the time no answers. I have to assume they are fine with what has been said by me. I am the first to admit that I could be better about my emails. However, I often call people to check on what is being done or stop by to see if things are going okay. I don’t want to micromanage what they do. The problem last week is an example, I went to check up on the front basket design Don was assigned only to find that Joan was doing the same project (and not working on the rear basket like the schedule said). The customer called me with changes, including a deadline change, and I saw Joan in the hallway and told her about the changes. I did not tell her she was to edit the basket design. She just assumed that was what I was telling her to do. I went to Dan and gave him the changes. Why didn’t she say that I had gotten the wrong basket design person? I sometimes think that they are not listening to me.”

Dwight is curious a new hire.


  • *Create a detail 3 page paper to Dwight outlining the approach to take to resolve Joan’s complaints.
  • *Identify the communication issues that are causing the problems with the team scenario.
  • *Identify and Explain six techniques to employ to make the communication better between Josh and team.
  • *Explain how the above information would be communicated to all the people involved.

use only the resources provided to support responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list.

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Final Answer


How to Effectively Communicate - Outline

Solving Joan’s Complains
A. Being informed about conflict
B. Setting plan
C. Information about situation


Communication issue
A. Poor communication
B. Passive aggressive communication


Communication Techniques
A. Poor communication
B. Establishing baseline
C. Show commitment to transformation
D. Highlighting key issues
E. Making better decisions
F. Checking if needs are met


Passing the information
A. Use video conference
B. Use social intranet services




How to Effectively Communicate




How to Effectively Communicate
Conflict is much unavoidable if a person works with others. Individuals have diverse
perceptions and under the correct instances, these disparities lead to conflicts. How a person
handles conflict determines if it is going to work better for the team (Quackenbush, 2016). A
person might opt to overlook, protest or hold others responsible for the emergence of conflict in
an organization. It is apparent disagreements especially at the workplace must be handled,
though the main issue that emerges is how it can be handled (Quackenbush, 2016). Conflict must
be handled effectively with a well-set arrangement or else it might become simple to be driven
into the arguments and create more problems.
Solving Joan’s Complaints
Being Informed about Conflict
In solving Joan's conflict, Dwight must be initially informed that conflict is not
essentially bad in organizations since it is an element of high- performance groups. When
individuals having different views, levels of expertise and skills among others are issued specific
tasks, the joined effort can overpower what any team of the same people could attain (Mindtool,
2020). Thus, Dwight ought to be informed that the members of the team ought to be open to the
disparities and they should be rarely allowed to increase to full-blown conflicts.
Setting Plan
The Second ste...

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