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Part 1

Use the ABI Inform database. Find and review the following article:

  • Ballantyne, D. (2004). Action research reviewed: A market-oriented approach. European Journal of Marketing, 38(3), 321-337.

Part 2

  • Explain the theory and practice of AR and IR and how it generates new knowledge for the system and why this is so important. Include at least 5 different sources, cited properly.
  • Explain the philosophy and theory of process consultation (PC) and how PC emphasizes the helping relationship. Include at least 3 different sources, cited properly.
  • Explain the philosophy and practice of appreciative inquiry. Discuss why dialogue is such an important aspect of AI. Include at least 3 different sources, cited properly.

To help you, think through the following questions:

  • In an action research project, there may be many, many cycles of action research (AR). Why is this so?
  • When speaking of action research, what does the term iterative mean in practice?
  • How does the iterative nature of AR support the success of a long-term AR project that includes many cycles?
    • The answer to this question is one of the most important things you must know as a practitioner of AR.
  • Why is the generation of knowledge such an important aspect of AR?
  • What is systems theory?
  • How does systems theory apply to AR?
  • How does systems theory apply to AI?
  • How does systems theory apply to PC?
  • Describe and define socio-technical systems theory.
  • What is an open system? Provide an example
  • What is a closed system? Provide an example.

3-5 pages (title & reference page not included)

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Running head: AR AND AI


Application of Theory to Practice: AR and AI
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Part 1: Article Review

Ballantyne, (2004) discusses the concept of action with a focus on the market-oriented
approach. According to the reading, action research methodology was adopted following the
uncertainties of the specific service adjustments that were critical to the customers. Besides, this
component was also introduced as a result of the uncertainties of the processes that must be
reviewed and implemented in research. The author identifies seven critical issues that form part of
viable market-oriented research. Market-oriented research should have a strategic intent that is
accompanied by positive processes of stakeholder involvement. Besides, this component is
characterized by iterative cycles of reflective learning and practice actions. An organization is also
expected to create an effective knowledge environment that can build trust. Developing an
emancipatory balance is necessary for building viable action research which can be obtained by
relying on the action-driven research requirements. Besides, the author recommends promoting
quality relationships among the participants as a key component of participation.
The details presented by (Ballantyne, 2004) in the reading offer informative concepts on
the strategies that can be used in improving practice. I agree with the author's suggestions on an
organization investing in action research to ensure its viability in the market. National critical
infrastructures across the United States employ action research methodologies in completing
operations and presenting outputs to the public. For example, the healthcare sector can use the
methodology to conduct systematic inquires that can help them in improving practic...

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