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Can you help me understand this Nursing question?

If I have to use the 4 files above just indicate, use the 4 business articles previously provided. APA format. at least 400 words.

What is the purpose of a Business Case?

What are some of the reasons a business case fails?

Have you ever had to submit or review a Business Case?

What has been your experience?

APA format. at least 400 words.. instructions below. please use articles attached to respond.

For this Discussion Board on creating a Business Case:

It's important that nursing leaders understand the basic fundamentals of building a business case. Business cases don't need to be complex to be effective. The business case however must include data and information that helps influence the decision of those that will approve it. Please read at least three of the Business Case articles and build a business case. The business case you develop can be one you are currently working on within your work or one that you create.

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Running head: BUSSINESS CASE


Business Case


Business Case

Nurses, just like other professionals, should have some business skills to be able to
survive in highly competitive healthcare environments. They have to be able to convince their
superiors to make investments that may be costly but necessary in the long run (National
Association of School Business Management). Writing business cases is among the skills that
may be very important in nursing. The purpose of authoring a business case is to sell an idea to
the stakeholders or senior members. In essence, ...

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