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Now that you have a sense of deconstructing a primary source, analyzing its usefulness, and using it to make some historical argument, you are prepared to remove some of the scaffolding. What this means is that from here until otherwise noted, you no longer have to submit a Who/What/When/Where table for step 1. Instead, you will only have to give me the single paragraph description for each source.

Step 1: Write three-separate one paragraph descriptions of all three sources. This is no different than what you did before for step 1, except now you do not need to submit a table.

Step 2: Select any of the three sources to perform a Bias and Reliability analysis. Fill out all the questions in the table, including the two topic questions.

Step 3: Using the source you used for step 2, write a strong, collegiate-level paragraph with that source making an historical argument. You may draw from the other sources and videos to help write your paragraph, but the source should be used to make your point.

Three Sources:

http://www.otr.com/peace.html Peace and the Crisis Begins

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ppWOt55eXnzBAp... Hitler Speech

https://www.upi.com/Archives/1933/02/24/Japan-stun... Japan stuns world

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Primary Source Assignment
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Primary Source Assignment
Part 1: Descriptions of Sources
Source 1: Japan stuns world, withdraws from league
The article titled Japan stuns world, withdraws from league was written by Steward Brown, a
United Press Staff Correspondent on 24th February 1933. The news piece focusses on the
withdrawal of Japan from the League of Nations. Japan’s decision to withdraw from the league
was announced during the organization’s conference in Geneva. The news piece further
articulates that Japan was compelled to leave due to the League’s handling of the Manchuria
Source 2: Adolf Hitler: 'My patience is now at an end,' speech demanding Sudetenland
from Czechoslovakia - 26 September 1938, Berlin, Germany
The source is a speech titled “My patienc...

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