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Debate question: "What you think the federal government should do, if anything, in terms of fiscal stimulus to respond to the Coronavirus's negative impact on the economy?"

Write a 700-800 word Op-Ed taking a side on this issue. Please make sure it is double spaced, includes your name on the top-left corner, is properly cited using APA format (you should have 3-5 references; they can include news articles, research papers, books, etc.), and draws from sound economic arguments.

Here are some articles you can read to inform yourself of the debate on this topic:

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Running Head: ECONOMIC DEBATE, Op-Ed

Economic Debate, Op-Ed
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Economic Debate, Op-Ed

What I think the federal government should do, if anything, in terms of fiscal stimulus to
respond to the Coronavirus’s negative impact on the economy?
In my opinion, the use of government spending and tax laws by the federal government to
stimulate economic conditions which includes the demand for employment, goods and services
and economic growth would create a positive impact on the economy with the devastating
impact that the Corona pandemic is doing to the economy. This will definitely help the market
bounce back. However, in doing this creative an...

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