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Please respond to all of the questions in paragraph form with the question numbers labeled. You should incorporate concepts from the readings into your answers and cite the readings as needed. The paper should be 2-4 pages.

  1. What does it mean to argue that “smell is cultural”? What somatic rules and other social factors influence the somatic order?
    • For two days, keep your own smell and sound journal. What smells and sounds catch your attention and what images, memories, evaluations, and emotions do they evoke?
    • Which smells and sounds do you find most offensive and which do you find most pleasing?
    • Which sensations donate high or low status?
    • What rituals and somatic rules have influenced your ordering of somatic experiences this way?
    • How do you manage your own smells in response to your habits of sensing?
  2. Watch the following clips that provided examples of emotion. Grey's Anatomy 601 - Georges Funeral (Links to an external site.) and Gilmore Girls: Ready to Wallow (Links to an external site.).
    • Identify the feeling rules and display rules for each clip and describe the emotion work taking place.
    • Is there surface or deep acting?
    • Are there any norms broken?
    • How do the individuals respond to any deviations from the emotional norms?
  3. According to Vacarro et al, the management of emotional manhood plays a major role in sustaining social inequalities, especially between women and men.
    • Why is this the case?
    • For instance, how do the emotion management strategies used by many men evoke fear, deference, and compliance in others?
    • How does this reproduce gender inequality?
    • Describe another example of the management of emotional manhood outside of MMA fighting.
  4. Watch this clip of Key and Peele’s Obama Impersonation (Links to an external site.).
    • What emotion do they suggest President Obama is concealing when he addresses journalists or the public?
    • Based on the insights offered by the Jackson and Wingfield article, how could you explain the “cool and calm” demeanor President Obama typically adopts?
    • Does Uplift and Progress encourage its members to manage their emotional displays in the same ways as President Obama?
    • How does this form of emotion management reproduce social status and power?

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Running head: SOCIOLOGY





1. Smell
Smell is not only a biological phenomenon, but it also comprises the cultural, as well as
social phenomenon. Some cultures construct their world based on odor. Everything gets defined
by smell. The social world also shapes our body's sensations. Odor is public and often gets
shared. After it is recognized, it results in becoming a cultural marker and people use it to create
social order. The somatic work involves the process that somatic perception passes through
reflexive interpretation. Other factors that influence somatic order include the social factors and
environmental factors. Some smells such as that of chlorine in the air make sone recall childhood
experiences such as spending time in the swimming pool during summer. Smell sparks emotional
reactions. A scent can bring...

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