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I’m trying to study for my Management course and I need some help to understand this question.

Our group did first part of the project, which is the organizational profile and interview questions. We chose Weris, and we had a small interview with Lisa who is manager. I attached the first part of the project (File Name: The Organizational Profile and Interview Questions), and the requirement of the second part (File Name: Team Research Paper Guildline).

In the interview, the current issue or problem Lisa is facing is the whole Corona virus thing, and how she have been trying to get their employees able to work from home.

This issue needs to be developed further in the research paper. Please ask me if you have any further question.

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Team 2A 1 Organizational Profile Company Overview Weris is a government contracting firm. They specialize in providing business intelligence and analytics to all levels of government. Weris also works with businesses and investors. According to the Weris website, they provide the best option for innovative technology tools, it can help provide information, advice, solutions, and program executions to their clients (About Weris). Weris is a small business that has its headquarters in Sterling, VA and has a satellite campus located in Alexandria, VA. According to, Weris was founded in 2003, and as of 2019, the company is ranked 1675 of the top 5000 small businesses in the United States (The Inc 5000). The president /owner of the company is Zongwei Tao. Weris’s LinkedIn profile stated that last September Weris was ranked in the top third of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States (Weris Inc. LinkedIn). This is significant due to the fact that Weris is a small business that has been in operations for a little over 15 years. On top of that, Weris was also honored by the Asian American Chamber of Commerce with a 2019 Business of the year Award. The winner is selected based on having made a significant impact, and contribution to the greater Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the global communities (Weris Inc. LinkedIn). Weris Inc.’s mission statement is “to help our clients identify and capitalize on opportunities for both short and long-term success by empowering them to make sound strategic and operational decisions through superior analytics, tailored program management, strategic analysis, and sharp communication” (About Weris). From class, we learned that a good mission statement is only a few sentences or something that employees can remember off the top of their heads. The Weris mission statement is a good length and can be easily remembered by their employees and upperlevel managers. The vision statement of Weris Inc is “Our expertise and capabilities provide efficient and costeffective solutions. We have a track record of 99.5% on-time, on-budget delivery over the past 5 years” (About Weris). This vision statement shows that they are a reliable company to work with to get projects done on time and within budget. As a small business, it is remarkable to see that Team 2A 2 other major government agencies, and organizations rely on Weris to help them with major projects. This is a good look for Weris because, with that 99.5% on time and on budget rate, it will set them up for future success and opportunities. Weris does not have a direct value statement. But their website does talk about how they value being a small business. Their website states that Weris works directly with its clients and works on a collaborative basis to provide expertise to other management-consulting companies to help them compete in the current environment and successfully execute projects (About Weris). Weris believes that being a small business helps them build a better relationship with their clients. As we learned in chapter three Environment of Management, there are two types of stakeholders internal and external. An internal stakeholder is the people who are inside the organization. For example, the owners, the board of directors and the employees. Employees are the most important resources because without them the organization is nothing (Kinicki, A. & Williams, B.K.). That made Weris treat its employees very well, and according to the Weris website, they offer them very good salaries and benefits. They offer their employees medical, dental, and vision insurance because they want to be sure that their employees are well treated and happy so that the employees can give better services to their company. External stakeholders are the people outside the organization and are affected by the general environment. Examples of external stakeholders are suppliers, competitors, and customers. We watched the video in the class when Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon, talked about the importance of the customers and how they made a big change in the revenue and the growth of the company. So external stakeholders are very important for the company’s success. At Weris, Dr. Tao cares about his customers: “Dr. Tao expanded his team to include IT, intelligence, defense, and communication experts, enabling Weird to serve clients nimbly across professions and fields” (About Weris). As a small company, Weris's strategy is to “quickly respond to client needs and expectations” (About Weris). They use their size to quickly work together with little overhead costs. Their goals are to be involved with government agencies like the Transportation Security Administration Team 2A 3 (TSA), the United States Department of Defense (USDOD), and the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) in helping them analyze and collect data. Their long-term goal is to not only grow their company but to connect with clients and stakeholders. Weris refers to themselves as a small business as well as flexible and focused on their clientele. As with many small businesses, Weris could be considered to be less structured and casual in an effort to promote creativity. Weris remains professional as they have many Federal, State, and local agency clients as well as private company clients. They work a good balance of being supportive, creative, and laid-back to their employees but keeping up appearances and productivity of professionalism to their clients. They try to maintain a positive environment to help them recruit “the best and the brightest”. They describe the work environment they foster as being respectful and creative. Needed Skills/Abilities Weris prides itself on hiring the best and brightest individuals the contemporary labor market has to offer. Fundamentally, the organization offers competitive salaries coupled with benefits such as medical, dental, and vision coverage, retirement savings, and paid-time-off (WERIS, 2020). Most importantly, the organization also fosters a respectful and creative work environment meant to make all employees comfortable, productive, and motivated (WERIS, 2020). All these aspects are enforced by Weris as a means of attracting the best candidates, and retaining the best talent they acquire into their system. The skills and abilities desired by the company usually depend on the open positions. However, having a bachelor’s degree specialized in the specific area advertised is necessary, and a minimum of 3-5-year work experience places one at a better advantage (WERIS, 2020). These academic and work experiences are meant to ensure that the hired individuals are well knowledgeable regarding the positions they are hired to fill and that they will deliver the expectations placed on them. Ultimately, they will ensure the achievement of the company’s goals. Considering that Weris is a technologically driven company, having skills and abilities on various spheres of technology such as the use of computer-based tools including Microsoft Office and Team 2A 4 others is necessary (WERIS, 2020). This requirement has significantly become important in recent years especially since the world is becoming revolutionized through technology, and workplaces are continuously adopting technological advancements that help them prevail in the local and global business arenas. Personal skills are also highly considered at Weris. Those seeking to become part of the Weris employee fraternity should portray themselves as better than others not just in academics and work experience but also at personal levels and in their behaviors. For instance, they should have the capability to work independently with or without minimal supervision, and perform exceeding well (WERIS, 2020). Besides that, they should also show that they can work collaboratively as part of a team, effectively fitting well in the teams they become part of for the benefit of the organization, clients, and themselves. Other crucial skills revolve around issues of strategic thinking, analytical skills, problem-solving, and adherence to set timelines and deadlines for projects. Examining business development and project coordination, the most prized skills by Weris will be academic qualifications of a minimum level of a bachelor’s degree or a minimum five years of proven success in a role equivalent to the one mentioned. Apart from that, the company will be looking for competence in Microsoft-based applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat (WERIS, 2020). Further, the candidates must have strong skills in writing, research, and communication, and substantial knowledge in the development of proposals for the federal government. After qualifying for a position and becoming part of the organization, Weris promises to take the opportunity and know its hires in a range of ways including the preferences they have and the best strategies they will employ in serving the organization's clients (Weris, 2020). They also promise to consider the aspects that motivate individual employees in the achievement of set goals thus unveiling them to aid ensure and improve productivity (WERIS, 2020). Most importantly, they promise to get in touch with the references one provides to ensure that he or she has been a competent employee and team player in the previous workplaces. Team 2A 5 Reference List About Weris. (n.d.). Weris Inc. Retrieved February 24, 2020, from The Inc 5000. (n.d.). Inc.Com. Retrieved February 24, 2020, from Weris Inc. LinkedIn. (n.d.). LinkedIn. Retrieved February 25, 2020, from Kinicki, A. & Williams, B.K. (2017). Management: A practical introduction. (8th ed.). McGraw-Hill: Irwin, NY. ISBN: 978-1259732657 WERIS. (2020). Business Development Coordinator/Project Coordinator. Online resource. Retrieved from Team 2A 6 Manager's Name: Lisa Goldberg or Dr. Tao Zongwei Interview Questions: Lisa Goldberg – Manager, Weris, Inc. 1. Could you describe your style of management? Collaborative, I enjoy providing direction/insight, or final approval when needed, but also encouraging employees to have autonomy to make independent decisions. 2. How do you handle conflict between your team members? As managers at Weris we try to recognize differences between team members which can include communication preferences, views, cultural differences, skill level etc, and appreciate those differences. Encouraging others to acknowledge that different perspectives makes the whole greater. We also encourage not quickly reacting but instead gathering information, in some cases simply picking up the phone for further clarification, and then addressing the situation. Often when there is time to let the situation “digest”, gather information and enter into the conflict in a planning instead of reactive mode the conflict is easier to resolve. 3. How would you ensure that all employees complete their tasks? Clear communication and direction when needed. Scheduled follow-up and an established goals or deadlines. 4. How would you handle an underperforming employee? Find out if they have all of the tools that they need to best perform their work; make sure they were aware that they are not meeting expectations and help support their improvement through training/guidance etc when appropriate. In HR we are trained to ensure that employees are never surprised to find out they are needing a performance improvement plan (PIP) so it’s important to communicate often and regularly. 5. What would you do if you found that your team didn't meet the company’s strategic goals? Ensure that they knew what those goals were and how they did/did not meet the expectations. 6. How do you manage stress among your team members? When appropriate laughter. Opportunities to connect on non-work related topics. Employee recognition celebrations to be together and share a meal, sweets, downtime. 7. How do you motivate people? By trying to be realistic/human but remaining positive. Having a “we are in this together and can accomplish great things” attitude goes a long way. Saying thank you and being appreciative. 8. What is your biggest management weakness? Sometimes availability although I work hard to not let that be a true weakness. I do this by always trying to balance Team 2A 7 other parts of my life and being available whenever needed (currently attempt to work a reduced 30hour week schedule but reachable/available beyond full time). 9. Could you tell me about a time you let an employee go? The most recent situation had to do with a change in contract re-scoping so it was one of the easier situations. New contract required different skills and the employee, although unaware of the change until time of termination, was not surprised and took the news well. There is still considerable work and lead time preparing for the termination and potentially stressful for those supporting parties involved. 10. Could you tell me about a time you had a tough decision to make? Yes, especially right now. In the current state of the world everyday presents a new uncharted challenge with the Coronavirus and decisions that affect the company and most importantly affect our employees. 11. What is Weris’s strategic position? Our mission statement is… At Weris, our mission is to help our clients identify and capitalize on opportunities for both short- and long-term success by empowering them to make sound strategic and operational decisions through superior analytics, tailored program management, strategic analysis, and sharp communication. Our expertise and capabilities provide efficient and cost-effective solutions. We have a track record of 99.5% on-time, on-budget delivery over the past 5 years. We work with clients to accomplish the following: • • • • Best leverage the value of their functions and services. Create optimal strategies for making sound investments. Identify and manage potential risks. Parse vast amounts of available information and make business decisions from knowledge rather than guesswork. 12. What makes you different from what your competitors are? We try to remain as experts in our industry with a strategic approach to growth. We have leaders that want to improve and make changes that are meaningful to our team. 13. How does the planning/control cycle help keep you as manager planning ahead in the right direction? Setting goals and outlining our process to reach those goals is critical. Equally critical is being fluid and repositioning as needed. Open communication and collaboration are what matters most. Team 2A 8 14. How does the company keep their secrets hidden from their competitors? We’ve evolved into a company that tries to publicly recognize achievements, but true “secrets” aren’t necessarily made public (as in posted by us). We also have policies in place that protect the company and our employees (NDA’s etc). MGMT 303: Principles of Management Phase III: Team Research Paper & Analysis Methodology and Data Collection: Based on Phase II of your Organizational Profile each team will then interview a manager that is currently working in the business organization selected. Your team will conduct an interview with this manager to better understand his or her job and the organization. You may not interview someone in the immediate family of a team member; someone you have interviewed for a previous course OR a manager on GMU campus. You can choose to record the interview but must have the individual’s consent to do so. This paper will be written from the individual managerial viewpoint. You can also obtain your data from: 1. Literature review (e.g. Bios of founders, news articles on the company) 2. Employee interviews 3. "Promotional" materials assessment (including web sites) 4. Industry analysis Managerial Analysis: An in-depth managerial analysis of a selected manager from designated organization, e.g., a corporation, company, firm or association (ideally, an organization which you have some interest in joining as an employee someday). The team will gather information about one current issue or problem the manager is facing and write a paper that provides an in-depth analysis of this issue or problem using principles learned in this class, concluding with a recommendation to the manager. This assignment challenges you to connect the real-life experiences of a business manager to the theoretical principles of management and to draw your own conclusions about how to approach problems that managers face in the business world today. Given the challenge or problem the manager is facing how might the four functions of management impact how they handle it in the organization. You will analyze this phase of the paper from the individual level of analysis. Here are the primary issues that should be addressed in the paper. Section One: Manager Overview and Current Issue/Problem • Who is the manager and what are their responsibilities? What is the current issue or challenge the manager is facing? Section Two: Managerial Functions • How might the manager utilize the four functions to solve this issue/problem? a. Planning: What planning methodologies could be used to address the challenge? Are there any stakeholders that affect the issue at hand? Is there a certain strategy being utilized? b. Organizing: Does the organizational structure assist with solving the problem? How does the organization manage change? Is the organizational culture helping or hurting the manager with the issue? How is decision making utilized by the manager? c. Leading: What specific managerial/leadership skills could assist with solving this challenge? How did the manager acquire their managerial/leadership skills? Are their specific motivational techniques that would help overcome the issue? Could teamwork be utilized more efficiently and effectively? d. Controlling: What organizational controls have been implemented to assist the manager with decisions? Could more controls be added to assist the problem? Section Three: Recommendations • • • • What management theories could assist this manager to develop a solution to the issue/challenge? What changes should the manager make to overcome the issues? Are there any skills lacking in the organization or manager that could help with this challenge? If you were to coach the manager what would you advise? Structure & Length: Each team member needs to identify which section they wrote in the paper. Please place your name next to the section title. Your team must include a transcript as the appendix to the paper—this will identify who asked which questions in the interview. The paper should be approximately 10 pages with well documented references and bibliography in APA format. You MUST have at least 5 academic references for this paper to back up your arguments. Please review the rubric below to ensure your team is on the right track. MGMT 303: Grading Rubric for Final Paper Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Unacceptable Developing Competent Exemplary 1.Sufficiency of introductory content about manager and organization (10 pts) Introduction is not included Introduction is incomplete; key data is missing Introduction includes most of the relevant information and some portion of the issue/challenge Introduction includes all the relevant information and addresses the issue/challenge manager is facing 2. Analysis of Manager and organization (20 pts) No discussion was presented or content does not demonstrate understanding of the managerial functions. Shows effort in articulating the topic; however, discussion is incomplete and/or lacks key elements of managerial functions Applies with confidence ...
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Managerial Functions

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Managerial Functions

Kinicki and Williams (2017) define management as the pursuance of organizational
objectives productively and efficiently. It is worth noting that great managers have a significant
impact on the enterprise far yonder the outcome. From the interview with Lisa, Weris Inc.
manager, she indicated that the global outbreak of Coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19,
has forced the company to implement the telecommuting program. As a result, given that the
organization was used to working from the company’s office, telecommuting has posed
significant challenges for the company, which are addressed in this section basing on the
management process.
Section 2: Managerial Functions
Management process, also referred to as the four purposes of management: planning,
organizing, leading, and controlling, play a paramount role in assisting managers in attaining
organizational objectives.
Planning, as defined by Kinicki and Williams (2017), refers to setting objectives and
making the decision on how to attain them. Weris Inc.’s mission statement aims at helping the
customers recognize and capitalize on existing opportunities for both short and long-term
enterprise success. The company does this by empowering them in making informed operational
and strategic decisions using tailored program administration, superior analytics, explicit
communication, and strategic analysis. Thus, amid the COVID-19, the company has to focus on
achieving the set objectives and goals through effective planning. Therefore, Lisa and the
management at Weris Inc. should implement an action plan aiming at establishing the directions



for the enterprise’s employees. The action plan should focus on identifying the long-term actions
that will ensure the survival and sustainability of Weris Inc.
Secondly, to address the issue of telecommuting during this crisis, the manager could use
strategic management methodology. The approach should encompass involving the managers
from every department in the formulation and adoption of the telecommuting process. Thus, Lisa
and the company CEO should include all managers ranging from the executive, middle, to firstline supervisors in devising the policies and rules which employees should follow once they start
working from home. Such policies should include check-in times and available hours. With the
inclusion of all managers, the organization will be able to streamline its communication, thereb...

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