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Please reply to these two research papers, with 1 paragraphs, each one 125 words, with 2 references in APA STYLE. Attach the chapter and rubric. Thank you.

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Please reply to Omaily if you agree or disagree: The type of study that can carried out using qualitative study method is one which is focused on studying the increasing medical student's engagement in public health. The current education acknowledges the importance of e-learning in medical school. The value of e-learning is facing little to zero recognition in medical education especially in areas that deals with public health. It is important to have these pieces of evidence since the engagement of the medical learners in public health continues to be lower ad this makes it an issue of concern (George, Papachristou, & Belisario, 2014). My preferred method is Phenomenological Research, because is an approach to qualitative research that centers around the shared trait of a lived understanding inside a specific gathering. The central objective of the methodology is to show up at a portrayal of the idea of the specific matter. The knowledge, understanding, and skills related to public health are important in the clinical medical practice and for the improvement of the overall health of the public. While medical learners are embracing the emergence of online technologies, the importance of using online technology in the medical field is gaining more focus concerning the role it is playing in public health. Even though e-learning techniques can be helpful just like in person teaching methods to the medical students and other professionals in the healthcare field. Evidence is lacking concerning the use of this technology in medical education (Ilic & Maloney, 2014). Several medical schools are using e-learning formats as the static repository for the education tools contrary to the active learning resources. This offers little chances of producing evidence about the interactive strategies through online platform. Consequently, there is little to help in guiding public health teachers on the type of online approach to be adopted so that the goals of involving the medical learners to learn about some of the important major public health skills and knowledge required need to perform their clinical medical practical in an effective manner (George, Papachristou, & Belisario, 2014). This is a case study that attempts to show the importance of online learning. Therefore, the method used is the comparative case study strategy which utilizes the qualitative data to look at the engagement about the uptake and the use among the qualified learners, their acceptability, and the alleged efficiency in the use of the analytic structure of the seven principles of the successful teaching process. The focus is on the case studies from the United Kingdom medical learning institutions to show a diverse method whereby online strategies is increasing the engagement of the medical learners in learning about public health (Ilic & Maloney, 2014). References George, P. P., Papachristou, N., & Belisario, J. (2014). Online eLearning for undergraduates in health professions: a systematic review of the impact on knowledge, skills, attitudes, and satisfaction. J Global Health, 4. Ilic, D., & Maloney, S. (2014). Methods of teaching medical trainees evidence-based medicine: a systematic review. Med Educ, 48, 124-135. Please reply to Ronnie if you agree or disagree: The type of qualitative research that will be adopted in my study is the phenomenological research. This type of research focuses on a description of an event, phenomenon, or activity that has occurred to understand its occurrence. Phenomenological study entirely depends on the narrative of the people who have experienced an event to develop an idea of the event and produce a clear finding (Yüksel & Yıldırım, 2015). the main advantage of this kind of qualitative study is that it helps in the development of novel theories and also helps in understanding emerging issues. The phenomenological research also focuses on gathering natural data rather than artificial data and helps in understanding the meanings behind different people's perception of an event or occurrence. The data collection in this study will be conducted through in-depth interviews. An indepth interview involves a one-on-one conversation with the participant or participants in the study hence helps in identifying crucial information relevant to the research. Also, it helps in minimizing biases as the interviewer can read and understand the body language of the participants in case they are hiding some crucial information, thus a perfect tool when intending to obtain data on a person's behavior and thoughts (Boyce & Neale, 2006). Lastly, the study intends to use 20 participants. In this case, the participants will be selected through random sampling were every person within the group of interest will be given an equal opportunity to be part of the study (Taherdoost, 2016). References Boyce, C., & Neale, P. (2006). Conducting in-depth interviews: A guide for designing and conducting in-depth interviews for evaluation input. Retrieved from ews.pdf Neubauer, B. E., Witkop, C. T., & Varpio, L. (2019). How phenomenology can help us learn from the experiences of others. Perspectives on Medical Education, 8(2), 90-97. Taherdoost, H. (2016). Sampling methods in research methodology; how to choose a sampling technique for research. How to Choose a Sampling Technique for Research (April 10, 2016). Yüksel, P., & Yıldırım, S. (2015). Theoretical frameworks, methods, and procedures for conducting phenomenological studies in educational settings. Turkish online journal of qualitative inquiry, 6(1), 1-20. Criteria Participation Weight 25.00% Quality of information Weight 25.00% Resources Weight 25.00% Critical Thinking and responses to professor Weight 25.00% 1 Point 100 % 2 Posts 100 % Information is clear and relates to topic, it includes details 100 % Provides relevant resources using APA guidelines 100 % Enhances the critical thinking process through premise reflection 0 Point ...
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Responses on Research Methods




Responses on Research Methods
Response to Omaily
I agree with Omaily about the use of phenomenological the phenomenological method to
study the use of e-learning in teaching students in medical schools (Law & Shafey, 2019). Elearning is becoming increasingly popular, and therefore, the healthcare education system should
not ignore it. Phenomenological research involves examining events. In the ...

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