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1. 500 words on How will smart contracts prevent “over-serving"?

2. 5 page marketing plan that uses Blockchain to prevent “over-serving” and allows for greater automation of the global commerce function. (APA format)

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Blockchain Technology
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Blockchain Technology
Question One
A smart contract is a contract that is a contract that can execute itself because the terms of
an agreement between the buyer and the seller are normally written in the form of a code. This
means that the code and the terms of an agreement are in the form of a decentralized nature or a
distributed blockchain network (Bai et al., 2020). Unlike a normal contract that requires an
individual to visit an organization or the other party in order to sign the agreement which in turn
leads to wasting a lot of time and effort and also a lot of money. The smart contract has helped to
solve all these problems because a seller can easily send the contract online to the buyer and thus
the buy will read it and execute it automatically as a way to indicate that he has accepted the
contract. This means that a lot of time and effort will have been save during the process. When it
comes to solving the problem of over-serving then most definitely I believe the smart contract
will be the best solution for this particular problem simply because with the aid of a smartcontract a lot of customers can be served within a short period of time because everything is
done on the internet simply because the contract is sent to the customers and thereafter the
customer will access it on his emails or any other internet platform and thereafter he will execute
it and send it to the seller. This means over-serving will be reduced because there is no employee
involved in the execution of a smart contract (Bai et al., 2020). Unlike, in the manual method of
signing a contract whereby a customer has to first visit an organization and then be given the
contract for him to read and sign. This leads to the consumption of a lot of time if there are a lot
of customers that need to be attended to which most definitely will lead to over-serving because
this means that the employees will be overworked trying to provide service to all the customers
and as a result of the employee might feel unmotivated and also the customers might also feel



that the services given to them were unsatisfactory because of the time it took to serve them. On
the other hand, the use of smart-contract will help solve these kinds of problems and a good
example of a smart contract is the contracts that we normally execute when we want to open an
account with a website or an application (Ba...

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