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You are preparing to speak at a global health conference about a disease affecting a global population. You plan to present the incidence and prevalence of the disease within the population and discuss efforts to control, eliminate, and eradicate the disease.


Select a disease impacting a population outside of the United States. Create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:

  • Explain the disease (1 slide)
  • Describe the population affected by the disease, including demographics (1 slide)
  • Present the incidence and prevalence of the disease within the population (1 slide)
    • Use the notes section of this slide to explain the difference, in your own words, between incidence and prevalence.
  • Discuss efforts to control, eliminate, and eradicate the disease (1 slide)
    • Use the notes section of this slide to analyze the effectiveness of these efforts.

Use a total of 6 PowerPoint slides, including a title slide and a slide for your reference list. Use APA format for citations and references.


For information on creating a PowerPoint with presentation notes, please click here.

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Malaria in the African Continent

• Caused by the protozoan parasite
Plasmodium falciparum
• Vector for the disease is the female
anopheles mosquito
• Male flies do not transmit the
• Following a blood meal, female
anopheles mosquito releases
parasite into blood
• Parasite moves to liver then red
blood cells causing the hemolysis
(Center for Disease Control and

Prevention, 2018).

• Disease common in Africa and Asia
• The warm climate favors existence
of mosquito within African continent
• All ages affected including children
and adult
• Disease severe in children under
five years
• Failure to effectively treat results in
cerebral malaria
• Severe cases result in death (Center
for Disease Control and Prevention

Incidence and Prevalence of Malaria
• Every five minutes a children under
five years dies of malaria
• 219 million cases reported in 2017
• Incidence rate of 219 cases in 1000
• 435,000 were children under five years
• 61% of the total deaths were for

children under five years (World Health

• E...

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