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Depression through Various Diversity Lenses
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Depression through Various Diversity Lenses
Depression is a tremendous psychological disorder, and it is a severe medical illness,
which adversely influences how a person feels, the way they think and act. It leads to various
physical and emotional problems and decreases one's functionality. It is vital to look into its
history to have a better understanding of what experts think about depression. Depression was
previously known as melancholia, and it first appeared in ancient Mesopotamia. During this
time, people thought that mental illness was caused whenever demons possessed a person. In
ancient times, people assumed depression was caused by demons though some Greeks and
Romans believed that depression was a psychological illness. Explicitly, the Greek and Roman
doctors used remedial methods to treat their patients with depression. The diversity lenses that
will be used to explore the topic are age, gender, and social-economic factors. Arguably,
diagnosis of depression can sometimes be challenging to clinicians because the manifestation of
the mental disorder varies with age, gender, and other significant factors. In other words, the
study has been carried out to assess the connection of age, gender and social-economic factors in
the diagnosis of depression.
Literature review
A lot have literature have been reviewed regarding the relationship between depression
and various lenses. The main objective of the study is to comprehensively assess the connection
between gender, age, and social-economic factors concerning depression. According to the
literature review, low social, economic status, in general, relates to high psychiatric mobility and
poor healthcare. The authors carried out a meta-analysis on how the issue of gender connects
with the social-economic status in the treatment of depression. Primarily, among psychiatric
disorders, depression manifests clearly in association with social, financial status. However, it


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